Eat is Life

The Eat is Life restaurant offers a new gastronomic experience, thanks to chef and co-owner Paulina Mauvecin. Not only does she bring a wide range of healthy, mouth-watering dishes, she has introduced a revolutionary concept - this restaurant has no table service. Enthusiasm combines with speed without compromising quality, in a highly welcoming and friendly atmosphere which makes customers feel at home.

For breakfast they offer toast, eggs, home-made granola and so much more. The lunch menu, which changes daily, is set out buffet-style, and customers can choose from three protein options (two of them vegetarian); two wholegrain cereal options (one of which is gluten-free); and three vegetable options. This makes for a perfectly balanced meal.

Eat is Life offers gluten-free, no refined sugar and vegan dessert options - all home-made from the finest ingredients. And to accompany all this, there’s an extensive menu of natural juices and smoothies.

It’s a simple formula: flavourful, healthy cooking, fresh, natural, organic ingredients, including locally-sourced products, offered at a price to suit all budgets. The secret? Quality and an dynamic approach.

Eat is Life has opened another establishment with the same offer at TheHub, the new coworking venue located on the Ca Na Palava industrial estate. Check it out!

Eat is Life - Table reservation

Table reservation


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