Coricancha specialises in Nikkei cuisine, a blend of Japanese and Peruvian cooking where new trends can only emerge when they respect the tradition of these two very old culinary art forms. We endeavour to create a fusion of unique flavours out of the innovative and daring mix of techniques and ingredients from Peru, Japan and Ibiza.

Coricancha means ‘Temple of the sun’ and makes reference to one of the most revered Inca temples in Cusco, Peru, where the sun god Inti was worshipped. Our wish is to transport this ritual in time and space to Ibiza – it gives us great pleasure to welcome our clients, as evening falls after a spectacularsunset overlooking Las Salinas, to an authentic and unique culinary adventure.

Our Lounge Bar is another invitation to immerse in a dream-like atmosphere, a spectacle of sight and taste. The cocktail menu with its homemade ingredients is inspired by the five elements of nature – water, earth, air, ether and fire – and captures the essence of nature in liquid purity.

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