Cana Pepeta

Address: Ctra. San Joan Km 15- 400. San Joan de Labritja. España
Type of cuisine:
Opening times:
Summer (e Winter if it were open)
Monday: 09:00–23:00
Tuesday: 09:00–23:00
Wednesday: 09:00–23:00
Thursday: 09:00–23:00
Friday: 09:00–23:00
Saturday: 09:00–23:00
Sunday: 09:00–23:00

  • Baked pigeon. Restaurant Cana Pepeta, Ibiza

    Baked pigeon

  • Cana Pepeta

    Cana Pepeta

  • David Reartes and Martín Vázquez. Cana Pepeta, Ibiza

    David Reartes and Martín Vázquez

In the north of the island, the chef David Reartes opens the doors to his second restaurant, Cana Pepeta. His aim is to recover the essence of an Ibizan farmhouse built five centuries ago and fuse it with one hundred years of the island’s gastronomic history.

The concept of Cana Pepeta is defined as healthy cuisine where local, mostly organic produce takes centre stage. At Cana Pepeta there is one common denominator: fire. Cooking on embers results in a top-quality meal with exceptional flavours and unparalleled nuances.

The fire is controlled by Martin Vazquez, known by his colleagues as the ‘chef on fire’, one of the great characters on the island whose larger-than-life personality spills over into the restaurant, endowing it with an unmistakable charisma and creating trends in grilling.

The diversity of ambiances offered and the space’s freshness and naturalness come from the hand of Anita Reartes, who focuses on each and every detail with love and an exquisite taste. Cana Pepeta invites us to enjoy delicious cuisine—or sit next to a fireplace reading a book—surrounded by nature and candlelight, all year round.