Cana Pepeta

Cana Pepeta is where past and future coalesce in the present moment, a place to eat, drink, exchange, and exist.

Martin Vazquez is the restaurant’s much revered head chef. Hailing from Argentina, he’s a man renowned for infusing every plate with a subtle soupçon of magic. He fires up the senses using a Josper Grill, squeezing out succulence and flavour from only the finest, locally sourced ingredients, then throws in some Patagonian pizzazz for good measure.

Meanwhile, good conversation and high culture are swirling through the air, a result of Cana Pepeta’s laidback but lively atmosphere that welcomes locals and tourists alike. It’s a place that encourages both deep thought and laughter, all against a backdrop of lime whitewashed walls and a lush, bountiful garden. A true Balearic gem where food and everything that comes with it is simply a way of life.

Cana Pepeta - Table reservation

Table reservation


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