Can Pizza Ibiza

More than just a pizzeria, Can Pizza Ibiza is the benchmark for modern pizzas.

Love for the product and dough that is fermented for 72 hours are examples of the care and respect for each pizza that is baked in its ovens. After a solid grounding in Barcelona, with six restaurants spread across Barcelona, El Prat, Vilanova, Badalona and Molins, Can Pizza has come to Ibiza and is here to stay. It plans to introduce us to the concept of the modern pizza, pizza-making that takes great care over the process and glorifies the product, freeing it from the classic style of Neapolitan pizza.

From Rome, Venice and Barcelona with over 12 nationalities on its team, Can Pizza is the culmination of Barcelona’s most modern side. Together its powerful image, ingenious communication strategy and spectacular recipes make it an unprecedented brand in Ibiza.

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