Can Limo

Already consolidated in our second year in the neuralgic centre of San Jose and seventh in this dynamic, direct, real and fresh development, Can Limo continue in this line but reinventing ourselves. Our motto from day one, and it seems that's what life is all about, doesn't it?

With an open kitchen proposal all year round, with different suggestions to go to the beat of what the island offers us and hand in hand with local producers.

Always diverse and always with the by now classic oysters, don't miss them! We have the increasingly popular Tako Creole, Tripe Sandwich... ¡always!

We are happy to see you again, to share a moment with you and to invite you to follow this path with us as a family of good eating.
And at the same time we want to welcome those who do not know us yet.

This season our kitchen will be open non-stop from lunch to dinner. See you here!

Can Limo - Table reservation

Table reservation


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