Can Limo

Address: Calle Pere Escanellas, 6. Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. España
Phone: 0034 971 800 550
Type of cuisine:
Opening times:
Mar, Apr, May, Nov, Dec
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 20:00–00:00
Saturday: 13:30–16:30, 20:00–00:00
Sunday: 13:30–16:30, 20:00–00:00

Jun, Sep
Monday: 19:30–00:30
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 19:30–00:30
Thursday: 19:30–00:30
Friday: 19:30–00:30
Saturday: 19:30–00:30
Sunday: 19:30–00:30

Jul, Aug
Monday: 20:00–01:00
Tuesday: 20:00–01:00
Wednesday: 20:00–01:00
Thursday: 20:00–01:00
Friday: 20:00–01:00
Saturday: 20:00–01:00
Sunday: 20:00–01:00

  • Sea bass with sea anemones ceviche. Can Limo, Ibiza

    Sea bass with sea anemones ceviche

  • Restaurant Can Limo, Ibiza

    Restaurant Can Limo

  • Can Limo staff. Ibiza

    Can Limo team

Motivated by a love of Peru and its gastronomy, five years ago, and with much enthusiasm, Can Limo opened its doors to share its aromas and flavours with those who search for a different concept.

Its customers are the essential pillar of this project. Every year, Can Limo strives to improve and innovate, ensuring its original essence is maintained.

Respecting the roots of Peruvian culture, the menu includes classics such as ceviche and the causa limeña, but each season new concepts are researched and created so that regular customers, who are now friends, always try something new and experience each meal as if it were their first.

Since its beginnings, part of the Can Limo formula has been to support the local products and the artists who accompany us.

Can Limo’s initial idea was to form a cosy meeting place with music and cocktails, where these artists could prepare what they wanted to drink themselves; and all expectations were exceeded thanks to the throng that has made this place home, and who are now a family that continues to grow.

“Humbled to reach our five-year anniversary, we continue to commit to being different, authentic, creative, and open in every way to ensure the family flourishes”.