A Mi Manera Ibiza

The garden of A Mi Manera Ibiza [My Way Ibiza] is an oasis of relaxation surrounded by nature, offering a unique atmosphere.

Much attention is paid to the care of their vegetable patch, where all produce is organically grown, allowing the restaurant to offer 0 km food.

Much focus is given to respecting the island’s natural resources. Disposable napkins and organic tablecloths are used that do not need to be washed, and water is used almost exclusively for the care of the earth.

The restaurant’s artistic director, internationally renowned Manu Crotti, wanted to create a ‘natural pop’ environment—a synthesis of Ibiza—through the energy of colour and the strength of nature.

And thus, through art, nature, quality products, an expert chef and experienced staff, the aim is to offer a satisfactory experience and turn this magical place into a meeting point for people from different cultures and nationalities, who are always present on ‘our’ island.

Ibiza… MY WAY

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