528 Restaurant

Gourmet food, art, music and performance

In the heart of rural Ibiza, in the hills of Benimussa, in the municipality of Sant Antoni de Portmany, lies 528 Ibiza, a fantasy conjured up in the mind of the Ibiza-born Bartolo Escandell, who had dreamt since the 1970s of developing a different kind of experience in which gastronomy is combined with performance, and the visual and theatrical arts merge with the culinary arts.

To do so, Escandell partnered with two true veterans of Ibiza’s nightlife, Andy McKay (Pikes, Manumission) and José Corraliza (Heart Ibiza, Cirque du Soleil) to take on an ambitious project that was finally launched in August 2021.

528 Ibiza is anything but conventional. The dinners form a part of the performance, or vice versa, and distinguishing the culinary part from the theatrical part is no easy feat. On offer is not just a simple dinner and show, but rather a sensory experience in which all five senses are stimulated at the same time.


Gourmet cuisine with international touches, local produce and signature cocktails

At 528 Ibiza nothing has been skimped on, especially when it comes to the food, which is taken care of by chef Gonzalo Aragüez, who hails from Argentina, and the Italian chef Massimo Bartelloni, two culinary heavyweights with extensive experience working in prestigious kitchens and who bring two different but complimentary visions to the table.

Both head chefs have created a surprising set menu based to a large extent on local produce, featuring constant references to the Balearic island. Innovative dishes steeped in imagination and impeccable technique are the order of the day, with references to cuisines from all over the world as well as basic Ibizan ingredients such as black pork, red prawns, figs, olive oil and local cheeses. They also offer options for vegans and vegetarians.

Special mention should also go to the cocktail department, headed by Alberto Pizarro, one of Spain’s most prestigious mixologists. Together with his team he has created a full menu of signature cocktails and reinterpreted classics.


The show: the frequency of love

José Corraliza, founder of Artful Entertainment, the company that stages the performances, and artistic director of 528 Ibiza, was, in turn, artistic director of the legendary Heart Ibiza, whose brief existence (2015–2020) was a turning point for entertainment on the island. The show’s name refers to 528 hertz or the solfeggio frequency, which is regarded as a frequency of transformation and miracles. Known since ancient times, having appeared in Sanskrit Buddhist mantras and Gregorian Catholic chants, it has been found to have healing and therapeutic effects on living organisms.

The show, which includes music, art, theatre, juggling and acrobatics, is an interactive journey through the history and culture of the island, from its Phoenician past to the freedom of the 1970s through to the island’s farming tradition and the clubbing culture of the 1980s. By watching the show the spectator is imbued with the frequency that ties it all together: the frequency of love, 528 hertz.

If what you are looking for is a more informal experience, we highly recommend spending an evening in the gardens of 528 Ibiza, where a combination of performance, music, DJs, signature cocktails and fantastic versions of gourmet street food will fulfil all your expectations of what a night out in Ibiza is all about.

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