Molo 47 Restaurant

Design details, olive plants and smooth vibes are the setting of Molo47 Restaurant.

A cozy and minimal restaurant in La Savina pier, in Formentera. A new style concept on the island, born from the desire of Chef Antonio D’Angelo to create a unique location for everyone is looking for a true fine dining experience.

The Neapolitan Chef’s cuisine talks many languages: the classic Italian tradition meets the strong and typical Japanese attention to details, mixed with a wise use of both Asian and South American spices.

Antonio’s creations always reflect his personal emotions and background. From a farmer’s market tour to a walk in his garden, everything is a source of inspiration for his cuisine.

A menu always created with simple ingredients, perfectly combined to empathize their flavors and create an authentic gourmet experience.

Restaurante Molo 47 - Table reservation

Table reservation


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