Japonería Bufambo Restaurant

Opened in the summer of 2015, and located in the centre of San Francesc (Formentera), Japonería Bufambo restaurant welcomes its guests into a minimalist yet pleasant setting, featuring simple shapes and original lighting touches.

Japoneria started out with a distinct philosophy: to explore Japanese cuisine as influenced by modern, western cooking, but to maintain respect for its gastronomic tradition and its meticulous attention to detail. The restaurant aims to translate the characteristic complexity of the cooking of the Land of the Rising Sun into a simpler, but still elegant, form.

The Chef, John Aclan, retains flagship dishes that have been popular since the outset, but each year he adds to the range, introducing traditional dishes and fascinating sushi innovations.

The restaurant’s Director is Manuela Cavallotti. In the dining room, her personal brand of service aims for efficiency, courtesy and an atmosphere of harmony.

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