Can Pepito Restaurant

The Mediterranean basin is packed with treats for the eyes as well for the taste buds. Just like Can Pepito, an old farmhouse in the centre of San Francesc which has been converted into a restaurant.

With its 320 m2 terrace complemented by a verdant garden, the restaurant’s atmosphere and its kitchen exude invoke the spirits of our gastronomic culture: pleasure and calm.

Fresh, healthy ingredients are brought together to produce dinners that draw on the classic Greek, Turkish, Moroccan, Lebanese, Spanish and French cookbooks. But there’s also a nod to Eastern cuisine and to traditional island cooking.

From Thursday to Sunday as the light begins to fade, and the sky is illuminated with stars, the green of the garden looks even fresher, Can Pepito’s dining room and garden terrace open.

Aromas, flavours, textures and colours blend together to recapture the beauty of an act as simple as sitting at the table.

Restaurante Can Pepito - Table reservation

Table reservation


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