Asar Formentera Restaurant

ASAR = chargrilling, pure and simple. ASAR = passion for the ingredients. ASAR = excellence and character. ASAR = charcoal, fire and smoke. ASAR = a unique personality. ASAR = respect for the ingredients. ASAR = hot, strong and in capital letters. From the embers to the plate, then straight to the taste buds. ASAR = wine in good company.

ASAR = flame. ASAR = a good vibe and good things to eat. ASAR is... and will be... your GO-TO place in Formentera! 

Carlos Trigo, founder of the Caminito restaurant, has a track record of over 40 years as a restaurateur in Formentera. Now he has opened this new brasserie in Formentera, where every nook and cranny exudes the breath of fire and embers. The constant theme of his career has been, without a doubt, good quality chargrilled meat.

 Fire is the essence of the ASAR restaurant; it has been the defining characteristic for 40 years.

This new venture brings together chefs Stefano and Aldo Trigo, Carlos’s two sons, who are running an operation they’ve been involved in since they were little children. They are bringing new cooking techniques to Asar, acquired whilst training in prestigious Michelin-Starred restaurants.

Restaurante Asar Formentera - Table reservation

Table reservation


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