Amancio Casa de Comidas Restaurant

Amancio Casa de Comidas, founded in 2019.

The first idea was to create a space remembering our old lodges on the road from all provinces in our country. The receipts from our grandmothers and the way they cooked, slowly and full of love and patient, giving us the most savory food, is the inspiration for our work today.

All this work could not be possible, without a team, enthusiastic and involved with the projects. At the kitchen we have two great professionals, spectacular ones, Bruno and Roger; their creativity and passion with Amancio projects have contaminated marvelously all the other members of the team. Fara Khan ruling the counter and the “set menu”, Enmanuel with Brenda manage a wonderful service at the terrace at night.

Decoration of Amancio has been totally created by Victoria de la Fuente, a spectacular cozy work as always. We are a small family coming from many cities and countries of the world: Bilbao, León, Pakistan, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan and Brazil. Such a pleasure working all together.

Restaurante Amancio Casa de Comidas - Table reservation

Table reservation


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Amancio Casa de Comidas Restaurant

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