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Michelin affair at Es Fanals with Andrea Migliaccio and Javier López

Michelin affair at Es Fanals with Andrea Migliaccio and Javier López

Andrea Migliaccio and Javier López © Jumeirah Mallorca

Join us for an exclusive dining experience at Jumeirah Mallorca’s clifftop restaurant on Sunday 23rd June.

Imagine the culinary mastery of Jumeirah Capri Palace and Burj Al Arab, Two Michelin-starred Executive Chef Andrea Migliaccio combining with the creative genius of our very own Executive Chef Javier Lopez. Experience culinary excellence in motion as two brilliant minds in the culinary world come together to curate an exquisite tasting menu that seamlessly weaves L’Olivo’s renowned gastronomy with the unique ingredients and traditions of Port de Sóller.

Having built his gastronomic resume in Ischia and Rome, Andrea joined L’Olivo in 2005. In 2009 he became Executive Chef of Il Riccio and in 2010 Executive Chef of L’Olivo (2 Michelin stars since 2011 and member of the prestigious guide Les Grandes Tables du Monde since 2019).

Simultaneously, Migliaccio became  Executive Chef at the Ristorante Capri in Zermatt from 2010 and secured 1 Michelin star since the opening. Since 2021 he is Burj Al Arab’s Executive Chef and in 2023 he took on additional responsibilities as Jumeirah Capri Palace’s Executive Culinary Chef. His cuisine is inspired by innovation and tradition, showcasing classical dishes, with respect to seasonal ingredients and the best Mediterranean products – a paradise of tastes and flavours that he grew-up with.

Executive Chef Javier Lopez cultivated his passion for cooking in his early childhood through his family business in Barcelona. With a wealth of experience in luxury hospitality and tenures at several Michelin-starred restaurants, Javier brings a sense of innovation and creativity to the hotel, with a focus on organic and seasonal produce that is responsibly sourced from local providers.

Hotel Jumeirah Mallorca

Hotel Jumeirah Mallorca © Jumeirah


To elevate your culinary journey, our knowledgeable sommeliers have meticulously curated a wine list that showcases the best of the islands' vineyards alongside renowned winemaking regions.

More than a culinary celebration, this event encapsulates the essence of Jumeirah Mallorca’s commitment to excellence and innovation and is a testament to the power of cuisine to transcend boundaries and create meaningful connections.

As the sun sets over the Mediterranean, join us at our unique clifftop fine dining restaurant set against the backdrop coastal beauty and be a part of this historic culinary blend where Michelin magic meets the charm of Port de Sóller.

23rd June from 19:00 to 22:00. Reservations required here

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