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Mhares Sea Club: an oasis 20 minutes from Palma

Mhares Sea Club: an oasis 20 minutes from Palma

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Can you picture yourself on a Balinese bed, gazing at the sea, entranced by the rhythmic motion of the blue Mediterranean Sea? You raise your Bellini to your lips and a shiver of pleasure runs through your body as the sparkling drink refreshes you from tip to toe. The gentle sea breeze caresses your face and the sounds of a pleasing tune play in your ears. All around is peace and relaxation. The silence is only broken by the occasional cries of a seagull in the distance.  If there is a paradise, it must be just like this.

And this place exists. It’s called Mhares Beach Club and is just over 20 kilometres from the centre of Palma. This peaceful oasis has an idyllic location on a small cliff that looks out over the crystal-clear waters of the Bay of Palma. Mhares is the perfect place to give in to life’s earthly pleasures. With sunbeds and Balinese beds set around a beautiful pool or looking directly out at the sea, Mhares is the Mediterranean and the very essence of Mallorca.

Ceviche. Mhares Sea Club. Mallorca

Ceviche © Mhares Sea Club


Fun and relaxation in a blissful setting

Mhares was once the spa of Hotel Delta but was refurbished in 2011 and established as a beach club that is now separate from the hotel. Its philosophy is simple: do whatever it can so that visitors spend a day in paradise. Unlike beach clubs where music and partying are the big draw, Mhares offers visitors peace and calm. While it does have music, with twice-weekly DJ sessions, guests at Mhares spend their day relaxing on sunbeds in an idyllic atmosphere. Another popular feature that people love on a chill out day is the club’s adults-only policy: it welcomes guests who are aged 15 and over. 

Massages, the restaurant, pool, cocktails... Every detail helps to give visitors an unforgettable experience.  And if you’d prefer to take a dip in the transparent waters of the Mediterranean, the beach club also has direct access to the coast; over centuries, the sea has moulded the rocks here into playful shapes that form natural pools. What’s more, the sea by Mhares Sea Club is a protected area due to its high environmental value, meaning that you’ll enjoy an impressive, unspoilt seabed because boats are prohibited from anchoring here.

Mhares Sea Club

Views © Mhares Sea Club


The flavour of the Mediterranean

The beach club opens at 11 am for breakfast and lunch is served between 12:30 am and 4:30 pm. After lunch hours, visitors can enjoy a snack and finger food menu until closing time, which is usually around 10 pm (sunset is the official closing time). 

The restaurant menu at Mhares isn’t exclusively Mallorcan but it is definitely Mediterranean. Market-style cuisine that’s prepared using local produce as far as possible, where the chef’s concept is based on fresh, healthy and familiar dishes and you can enjoy rice dishes, paella, fideuà, fish and seafood. “It’s a Mallorcan place, it’s the Mediterranean. We want people who visit us to recognise us and know they’re in Mallorca.  We use lots of local, fresh fish and use Mallorcan produce as much as we can,” explains Cuca Berga, who is in charge of marketing and events at Mhares Sea Club. 

The drinks section of the menu has a great selection of classic, refreshing cocktails such as the wonderful negronis, bellinis and amazing mojitos, plus a wide range of spirits and liquors. And why not indulge, you only live once!

Mhares Sea Club pool, Mallorca

Pool © Mhares Sea Club


The perfect backdrop for your event

One of Mhares Sea Club’s strengths is the fact it can be used to hold any kind of event. It’s the ideal setting for weddings, birthday parties and any type of business meeting or celebration.  Mhares is proof that, rather than being opposites, peace and fun are perfect companions.

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