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Michelin Stars Spain and Portugal

2021 Michelin Stars Spain and Portugal

2021 Michelin Stars Spain and Portugal

As expected, few new features were introduced to the Michelin Guide Spain and Portugal 2021 at the event held at the Real Casa de Correos in Madrid's Puerta del Sol. The most notable, the recognition for the first time of the most sustainable restaurants, distinguished with a green star.

There has not been any new restaurant awarded with the three stars, although the 11 tri-star restaurants that already had that distinction in our country revalidated their trophies. For its part, since yesterday Spain with three new restaurants with two Michelin stars: Cinc Sentits, Jordi Artal, in Barcelona; the Culler de Pau, Javier Olleros, in Reboredo, and Bo-Tic, Albert Sastregener, in Corçà (Gerona).

Since Monday, December 14th, 21 new restaurants become part of the exclusive club formed by the constellation of Michelin stars, of which 19 are in our Spain and 2 in neighboring Portugal.

In addition, the Guide recognizes 105 new establishments with the distinction of Michelin Dish for its quality cuisine so the number of restaurants reviewed with this recognition already amounts to 880 between Spain and Portugal.

As far as the Big Gourmand is concerned, the face of the Michelin doll with which the guide recognizes the restaurants with the best quality-price relation, there have been 53 new incorporations in both countries so the total of establishments with this distinction already amounts to 300.

Autoridades, chefs y presentadores en la Gala de la guía Michelin España y Portugal 2021

Authorities, chefs and presenters at the Michelin 2021 Gala © Guía Michelin


The great winners of the gala of the Guide Michelin Spain and Portugal 2021

Although not many surprises were expected at the presentation of the Michelin Guide 2021, it is true that this edition has some indisputable winners apart, of course, from the eleven chefs who have revalidated their three stars.

On the one hand, the Culler de Pau, by Javier Olleros, in O Grove, which in addition to having obtained the second Michelin star has been distinguished with a green star.

Jordi Cruz, in addition to revalidating the three Michelin stars in his restaurant Abac in Barcelona, has obtained a fourth one along with Iñaki Aldrey in Atempo, his establishment in San Juliá de Ramis, also in the province of Barcelona.

But without a doubt, the big winner of this edition of the Michelin Guide has been Eneko Atxa, who in addition to revalidating his three stars in Azurmendi, has obtained a new one in Eneko Lisboa and two green stars in Azurmendi and in Eneko, his two restaurants in Larrabetzu.

Gala Guía Michelin España y Portugal 2021

Bibendum at the Gala Guide Michelin Spain and Portugal 2021 © Guía Michelin


A journey to the stars

No one can deny at this point that 2020 has been one of those years to forget. The health crisis caused by the expansion of the pandemic has been fed to the productive fabric of our societies and the hotel and catering sector has been one of the great harms both in our country and in neighboring Portugal given the high exposure of our economies to tourism.

Those responsible for the Guide, aware of the difficulties the sector is going through and the numerous restrictions imposed by the health situation, have had no choice but to reinvent themselves in order to continue supporting the sector for another year. As a result of this effort, they have presented the Michelin Guide Spain & Portugal 2021 following a script that looks more like a film trilogy (actually, a pentalogy) through five chapters broadcast by streaming under the title of "A Journey to the Stars", and whose final chapter was this events held last night in Madrid.

The previous chapters pay homage to the chefs, review the history of the Michelin group itself, and include a monograph on Madrid, its gastronomy and its chefs. The fourth chapter brings together the 11 chefs who have three Michelin stars in Spain so that they can give us their vision of the sector and what the Michelin Guide itself represents.

Gala digital de la Guía Michelin España y Portugal 2021

Virtual Gala of the Michelin Guide 2021 © Guía Michelin


An atypical Gala

The event, co-hosted by actors Cayetana Guillén Cuervo and Miguel Ángel Muñoz, had a cinematographic halo and, although there was a lack of audience, as the restrictions imposed by the health authorities imposed, the presence of the top chefs of Spanish cuisine via videoconference was not lacking.

This way, authorities, cooks, partners and those responsible for the Michelin Guide itself paraded around the screens behind the presenters.

Each of the 11 Spanish chefs who revalidated the three Michelin stars agreed to thank the effort made by the Michelin Guide in a year as difficult as this, highlighting the support this represents for a sector tremendously punished by the health crisis.

The most emotional moment of the evening took place when, after announcing the new Michelin-starred establishments, they connected live with three chefs, Jordi Artal, Javier Olleros, and Albert Sastregener, as representatives of those restaurants that already had a star.In reality, it was all a tactic of the organization to award them live with the second star, something that, of course, left them speechless.

The gala ended with the stellar appearance on stage of DiverXo's Chef, Dabiz Muñoz, who praised the guild's responsible role and who, together with the six cooks who treasure two Michelin stars in Madrid, made a brief review of what has been a tremendously difficult year, although they agreed that they are excited about what next year may bring.


Michelin guide Spain & Portugal. Starred restaurants © Michelin Guide

Below we show you all the restaurants with stars from the Michelin Guide Spain and Portugal 2020 and, of course, we congratulate all the chefs and restaurants that have achieved this great distinction.


List of Michelin starred restaurants in Spain 2021

Restaurant Place Autonomous community. Stars New Stars
Aponiente El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) Andalusia 3 No
Bardal Ronda Andalusia 2 No
Abantal Sevilla (Sevilla) Andalusia 1 No
Acánthum Huelva (Huelva) Andalusia 1 No
Alejandro Roquetas de Mar (Almería) Andalusia 1 No
Alevante Chiclana de la Frontera / Novo Sancti Petri (Cádiz) Andalusia 1 No
Bagá Jaén Andalusia 1 No
Choco Córdoba Andalusia 1 No
Dama Juana Jaén Andalusia 1 No
El Lago Marbella (Málaga) Andalusia 1 No
José Carlos García Málaga (Málaga) Andalusia 1 No
La Costa El Ejido (Almería) Andalusia 1 No
LÚ Cocina y Alma Jerez de La Frontera (Cádiz) Andalusia 1 No
Mantua Jerez de la Frontera Andalusia 1 No
Messina Marbella (Málaga) Andalusia 1 No
Noor Córdoba Andalusia 1 No
Skina Marbella Andalusia 2 No
Sollo Fuengirola (Málaga) Andalusia 1 No
Callizo Ainsa (Huesca) Aragon 1 Yes
Cancook Zaragoza Aragon 1 No
Espacio N Esquedas (Huesca) Aragon 1 Yes
Hospedería El Batán Tramacastilla (Teruel) Aragon 1 No
La Prensa Zaragoza Aragon 1 No
Lillas Pastia Huesca Aragon 1 No
Tatau Huesca Aragon 1 No
Casa Marcial Arriondas Asturias 2 No
Arbidel Ribadesella Asturias 1 No
Auga Gijón Asturias 1 No
Casa Gerardo Prendes Asturias 1 No
El Corral del Indianu Arriondas Asturias 1 No
El Retiro Llanes / Pancar Asturias 1 No
La Salgar Gijón Asturias 1 No
Real Balneario Salinas Asturias 1 No
Adrián Quetglas Palma (Mallorca) Balearic Islands 1 No
Béns d'Avall Sóller (Mallorca) Balearic Islands 1 Yes
DINS Santi Taura Palma (Mallorca) Balearic Islands 1 Yes
El Restaurante Andreu Genestra Capdepera (Mallorca) Balearic Islands 1 No
Es Fum Palmanova (Mallorca) Balearic Islands 1 No
Es Racó d'Es Teix Deià (Mallorca) Balearic Islands 1 No
Es Tragón Ibiza Balearic Islands 1 No
Jardín Port d'Alcudia (Mallorca) Balearic Islands 1 No
Marc Fosh Palma (Mallorca) Balearic Islands 1 No
Voro Canyamel (Mallorca) Balearic Islands 1 No
M.B. Guía de Isora (Tenerife) Canary Islands 2 No
Abama Kabuki Guía de Isora (Tenerife) Canary Islands 1 No
El Rincón de Juan Carlos Los Gigantes (Tenerife) Canary Islands 1 No
Kazan Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Tenerife) Canary Islands 1 No
Nub San Cristobal de La Laguna (Tenerife) Canary Islands 1 No
La Acuarela Arguineguín (Gran Canaria) Canary Islands 1 No
Los Guayres Mogán (Gran Canaria) Canary Islands 1 No
Cenador de Amós Villaverde de Pontones Cantabria 3 No
Annua San Vicente de la Barquera Cantabria 2 No
Cenador de Amós Villaverde de Pontones Cantabria 2 No
Solana Ampuero Cantabria 1 No
La Bicicleta Hoznayo Cantabria 1 No
El Nuevo Molino Puente Arce Cantabria 1 No
El Serbal Santander Cantabria 1 No
Maralba Almansa (Albacete) Castilla- La Mancha 2 No
El Bohío Illescas (Toledo) Castilla- La Mancha 1 No
El Doncel Sigüenza (Guadalajara) Castilla- La Mancha 1 No
El Molino de Alcuneza Sigüenza / Alcuneza (Guadalajara) Castilla- La Mancha 1 No
Iván Cerdeño Toledo Castilla - La Mancha 1 No
Raíces-Carlos Maldonado Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) Castilla- La Mancha 1 Yes
Retama Torrenueva Castilla - La Mancha 1 No
Trivio Cuenca Castilla- La Mancha 1 No
Ambivium Peñafiel (Valladolid) Castilla and León 1 Yes
Baluarte Soria Castilla and León 1 No
Cocinandos León Castilla and León 1 No
El Ermitaño Benavente (Zamora) Castilla and León 1 No
En La Parra Salamanca Castilla and León 1 Yes
La Botica Matapozuelos (Valladolid) Castilla and León 1 No
La Lobita Navaleno (Soria) Castilla and León 1 No
Mu·na Ponferrada Castilla and León 1 Yes
Pablo León Castilla and León 1 No
Refectorio de Sardón Duero (Valladolid) Castilla and León 1 No
Taller Quintanilla de Onésimo Castilla and León 1 No
Trigo Valladolid Castilla and León 1 No
Víctor Gutiérrez Salamanca Castilla and León 1 No
ABaC Barcelona Catalonia 3 No
El Celler de Can Roca Girona Catalonia 3 No
Miramar Llançà (Girona) Catalonia 3 No
Angle Barcelona Catalonia 2 No
Bo.TiC Corçà (Girona) Catalonia 2 Yes
Cocina Hermanos Torres Barcelona Catalonia 2 No
Cinc Senstits Barcelona Catalonia 2 Yes
Disfrutar Barcelona Catalonia 2 No
Enoteca Barcelona Catalonia 2 No
Les Cols Olot (Girona) Catalonia 2 No
Lasarte Barcelona Catalonia 2 No
Moments Barcelona Catalonia 2 No
Alkimia Barcelona Catalonia 1 No
Angle Barcelona Catalonia 1 No
Atempo Sant Julià de Ramis (Girona) Catalonia 1 Yes
Aürt Barcelona Catalonia 1 No
Ca l'Arpa Banyoles (Girona) Catalonia 1 No
Ca l'Enric de La Vall Bianya (Girona) Catalonia 1 No
Caelis Barcelona Catalonia 1 No
Can Bosch Cambrils (Tarragona) Catalonia 1 No
Can Jubany Calldetenes (Barcelona) Catalonia 1 No
Casamar Llafranc (Girona) Catalonia 1 No
Castell Peralada Peralada (Girona) Catalonia 1 No
Dos Palillos Barcelona Catalonia 1 No
Els Casals Sagàs (Barcelona) Catalonia 1 No
Els Tinars Llagostera (Girona) Catalonia 1 No
Emporium Castelló d'Empúries (Girona) Catalonia 1 No
Enigma Barcelona Catalonia 1 No
Estany Clar Cercs (Barcelona) Catalonia 1 No
Fogony Sort (Lleida) Catalonia 1 No
Hisop Barcelona Catalonia 1 No
Hofmann Barcelona Catalonia 1 No
Hoja Santa Barcelona Catalonia 1 No
Koy Shunka Barcelona Catalonia 1 No
L'Aliança 1919 d'Anglès Anglès (Girona) Catalonia 1 Yes
L'Antic Molí Ulldecona (Tarragona) Catalonia 1 No
L'Ó de Sant Fruitós Bages (Barcelona) Catalonia 1 No
La Boscana Bellvís (Lleida) Catalonia 1 No
La Cuina de Can Simon Tossa de Mar (Girona) Catalonia 1 No
La Fonda Xesc Gombrèn (Girona) Catalonia 1 No
Les Magnňlies Arbúcies (Girona) Catalonia 1 No
Les Moles Ulldecona (Tarragona) Catalonia 1 No
Lluerna Barcelona / Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona) Catalonia 1 No
Malena Gimenells (Lleida) Catalonia 1 No
Massana Girona (Girona) Catalonia 1 No
Oria Barcelona Catalonia 1 No
Pakta Barcelona Catalonia 1 No
Quatre Molins Cornudella de Montsant Catalonia 1 Yes
Rincón de Diego Cambrils (Tarragona) Catalonia 1 No
Sala Olost (Barcelona) Catalonia 1 No
Tickets Barcelona Catalonia 1 No
Tresmacarrons El Masnou (Barcelona) Catalonia 1 No
Via Veneto Barcelona Catalonia 1 No
Villa Retiro Xerta (Tarragona) Catalonia 1 No
Xerta Barcelona Catalonia 1 No
Deliranto Salou Catalonia 1 No
Atrio Cáceres Extremadura 2 No
Culler de Pau O Grove / Reboredo (Pontevedra) Galicia 2 Yes
A Tafona de Santiago Compostela (A Coruña) Galicia 1 No
Árbore da Veira A Coruña Galicia 1 No
As Garzas de Malpica Bergantiños / Barizo (A Coruña) Galicia 1 No
Casa Marcelo Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña) Galicia 1 No
Eirado Pontevedra Galicia 1 Yes
Maruja Limón Vigo (Pontevedra) Galicia 1 No
Miguel González Pereiro de Aguiar (Ourense) Galicia 1 Yes
Nova Ourense Galicia 1 No
Pepe Vieira Camiño da Serpe Raxo (Pontevedra) Galicia 1 No
Retiro da Costiña Santa Comba (A Coruña) Galicia 1 No
Silabario Vigo (Pontevedra) Galicia 1 Yes
Solla Pontevedra /San Salvador de Poio (Pontevedra) Galicia 1 No
Yayo Daporta Cambados (Pontevedra) Galicia 1 No
DiverXO Madrid Madrid 3 No
Coque Madrid Madrid 2 No
DSTAgE Madrid Madrid 2 No
Ramón Freixa Madrid Madrid Madrid 2 No
Santceloni Madrid Madrid 2 No
La Terraza del Casino Madrid Madrid 2 No
A'Barra Madrid Madrid 1 No
Cebo Madrid Madrid 1 No
Chirón Valdemoro Madrid 1 No
Clos Madrid Madrid Madrid 1 No
Corral de la Morería Gastronómico Madrid Madrid 1 No
El Club Allard Madrid Madrid 1 No
El Invernadero Madrid Madrid 1 No
Gaytán Madrid Madrid 1 No
Gofio by Cicero Canary Madrid Madrid 1 No
Kabuki Madrid Madrid 1 No
Kabuki Wellington Madrid Madrid 1 No
La Tasquería Madrid Madrid 1 No
Lúa Madrid Madrid 1 No
Montia de San Lorenzo El Escorial Madrid 1 No
Saddle Madrid Madrid 1 Yes
Yugo Madrid Madrid 1 No
El Palmar Cabaña Buenavista Murcia Murcia 2 No
Magoga Cartagena Murcia 1 No
Odisea Murcia Murcia 1 Yes
El Molino de Urdániz Urdaitz Navarra 2 No
Europa Pamplona Navarra 1 No
La Biblioteca Pamplona Navarra 1 No
Rodero Pamplona Navarra 1 No
Akelarre Donostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa) Basque Country 3 No
Arzak Donostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa) Basque Country 3 No
Azurmendi Larrabetzu (Bizkaia) Basque Country 3 No
Martín Berasategui Lasarte-Oria (Gipuzkoa) Basque Country 3 No
Mugaritz Errenteria (Gipuzkoa) Basque Country 2 No
Alameda Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa) Basque Country 1 No
Amelia Donostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa) Basque Country 1 Yes
Andra Mari Galdakao (Bizkaia) Basque Country 1 No
Boroa Amorebieta-Etxano / Boroa (Bizkaia) Basque Country 1 No
Elkano Getaria (Gipuzkoa) Basque Country 1 No
eMe Be Garrote Donostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa) Basque Country 1 No
Eneko Larrabetzu (Bizkaia) Basque Country 1 No
Etxanobe Atelier Bilbao (Bizkaia) Basque Country 1 No
Etxebarri Axpe (Bizkaia) Basque Country 1 No
Kokotxa Donostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa) Basque Country 1 No
Marqués de Riscal Elciego (Álava) Basque Country 1 No
Mina Bilbao (Bizkaia) Basque Country 1 No
Mirador de Ulía Donostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa) Basque Country 1 No
Nerua Bilbao (Bizkaia) Basque Country 1 No
Ola - Martín Berasategui Bilbao Basque Country 1 No
Zarate Bilbao (Bizkaia) Basque Country 1 No
Zortziko Bilbao (Bizkaia) Basque Country 1 No
Zuberoa Oiartzun (Gipuzkoa) Basque Country 1 No
El Portal Ezcaray La Rioja 2 No
Ikaro Logroño La Rioja 1 No
Kiro Sushi Logroño La Rioja 1 No
Venta Moncalvillo de Daroca Rioja La Rioja 1 No
Quique Dacosta Dénia (Alicante) Valencia 3 No
L'Escaleta Cocentaina (Alicante) Valencia 2 No
BonAmb Xàbia (Alicante) Valencia 2 No
El Poblet Valencia Valencia 2 No
Ricard Camarena València Valencia 2 No
Audrey's by Rafa Soler Calp (Alicante) Valencia 1 No
Baeza & Rufete Alicante Valencia 1 No
Beat Calp (Alicante) Valencia 1 No
Cal Paradís Vall d'Alba (Castellón) Valencia 1 No
Casa Manolo Daimús (Valencia) Valencia 1 No
Casa Pepa Ondara (Alicante) Valencia 1 No
El Poblet València Valencia 1 No
El Xato La Nucía (Alicante) Valencia 1 No
La Finca Elx (Alicante) Valencia 1 No
Monastrell Alicante Valencia 1 No
Orobianco Calp (Alicante) Valencia 1 No
Raúl Resino Benicarló (Castellón) Valencia 1 No
Riff Valencia Valencia 1 No
Sents Ontinyent (Valencia) Valencia 1 No
Sucede València Valencia 1 No
La Salita Valencia Valencia 1 Yes
Tula Jávea Valencia 1 No



List of Michelin starred restaurants in Portugal 2020

Restaurante Localidad Distrito Estrellas Nuevas estrellas
100 Maneiras Lisboa Lisboa 1 Yes
Alma Lisboa Lisboa 2 No
A cozinha Guimarães Braga 1 No
Belcanto Lisboa Lisboa 1 Yes
Casa de Chá da Boa Nova Leça de Palmeira Porto 2 No
Eneko Lisboa Lisboa Lisboa 2 No
G Pousada Bragança Bragança 1 No
Midori Sintra Lisboa 1 No
Il Gallo d'Oro Funchal Funchal 2 No
Ocean Porches Faro 2 No
Vila Joya Albufeira Faro 2 No
The Yeatman Vila Nova de Gaia Porto 2 No
Antiqvvm Porto Porto 1 No
Bon Bon Carvoeiro Faro 1 No
Eleven Lisboa Lisboa 1 No
Epur Estremadura Lisboa 1 No
Feitoria Lisboa Lisboa 1 No
Fifty Seconds Lisboa Lisboa 1 No
Fortaleza do Guincho Praia do Guincho (Cascais) Lisboa 1 No
Gusto Almancil Faro 1 No
Lab by Sergi Arola Sintra Lisboa 1 No
Largo do Paço Amarante Porto 1 No
Loco Lisboa Lisboa 1 No
Mesa de Lemos Passos de Silgueiros Beira Alta 1 No
Pedro Lemos Foz do Douro Porto 1 No
William Funchal Funchal 1 No
Vistas Vila Nova de Cacela Algarve 1 No
Vista Restaurante Faro Faro 1 No

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