Vermouth Dos Déus, the Elixir of Eternal Life

Vermouth Dos Déus, the Elixir of Eternal Life

Vermouth Dos Déus © Vermouth Dos Déus

Vermouth Dos Déus began in 2012, when the vermouth trend had still not taken off. Since then, the brand, created by Priorat B&D, has not ceased to innovate and add interesting new products to its portfolio.

Priorat B&D Lab, the winery and laboratory where Dos Déus began, is situated in Bellmunt del Priorat, in the heart of a historical region well known for its wine, with an extraordinary cultural background marked by the arrival of Carthusian monks in the twelfth century. At the time, the production of elixirs and waters with medicinal properties was overseen by monasteries and alchemy laboratories. Many of these laboratories were located within the monasteries themselves with monks dedicating themselves to the search for the elixir of eternal life through the maceration and distillation of herbs.

Dos Déus is the result of arduous research into traditional, local recipes, in search of a product from the area with a unique touch. To this end, the brand embarked on a painstaking process to select the finest sherry casks, in which the vermouth rests for a minimum of three years. Dos Déus is made from local wine and a blend of 47 herbs and spices. While it remains in the cellar, the wine begins to take on suggestive notes of sherry and spices, which round off its flavour profile. Thus, on the palette, the result is a series of classic vermouth notes, featuring sweet and bitter roots, blended with spices, herbs and flowers as part of a fortified wine.

‘Dos Déus is made from local wine and a blend of 47 herbs and spices’

If chosen well, the barrels can provide the wine with different flavours and layers of aromas. With this in mind, the Priorat B&D team began to research different types of wood and, especially, Priorat casks, leaving the vermouth to mature in sherry casks, Priorat casks, American oak barrels and Scala Dei casks. By blending the wines macerated in the selected barrels, the final result was Dos Déus Origins.

Vermouth Dos Déus.

 © Vermouth Dos Déus

This new range is characterised by the use of different grape varieties and types of barrel. The red vermouth is complex and sophisticated, incorporating wines with different ages and a blend of botanicals that gives it a unique taste. The same range also features a sweet white and a dry white vermouth. The Dos Déus Origins Sweet White is made from local Muscat grapes and is a fresh, elegant vermouth with sweet, natural touches. The Dos Déus Origins Dry White is made from overripe Macabeo grapes, which give it a higher alcohol content. It is a dry, voluminous, powerful vermouth that is more suitable for cocktails but can also be enjoyed neat with ice.

Dos Déus also continues to innovate and present new products to surprise customers, challenge the senses and break the rules. The brand has further expanded its portfolio with the Dos Déus DIP smoky vermouth, an extreme vermouth inspired by the smoky whiskies of Islay, Scotland, with toasted aromas from American bourbon barrels. They have also added vermouths that are to be drunk warm in winter, inspired by the mulled wines of Northern European Christmas markets but made using vermouth.

Dos Déus DIP is made according to the Scottish distillation tradition of toasting the plants using charcoal smoke and organic peat, which dries it out and imparts flavour. The resulting blend is then mixed with Priorat wines to produce a new vermouth. A final touch of Tennessee bourbon is then added and the blend is left to rest in new 200-litre extra-toasted American oak barrels. The resulting vermouth has a strong, harmonious structure and a kick, with notes of iodine, caramelised, smoky flavours and aromas of exotic cocoa and fruit.

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