Hermanos Meneghello. The ideal family team

Hermanos Meneghello, the ideal family team  | FaceFoodMag

CEO Juan, Hermanos Meneghello: Pier Paolo & Andrea. © ffmag

Over three decades ago, brothers Piere Paolo and Andrea set up their business, Hermanos Meneghello in Ibiza. Thanks to much hard work, determination and effort, what began as a small distribution company for the catering industry has now become the Pitiusa Islands’ main supplier of fish, seafood, and Italian and Asian food products. At work, they are the perfect team and, outside work as well, the brothers from Verona (Italy) say they cannot live without one another. The key to their success? The rapport they build up with their customers, thanks to their total dedication to service, as well as their extraordinary ability to constantly adapt.


What is the most important thing you have learnt in three decades in this business?
Perhaps the most important thing we have learnt is to reinvent ourselves, and continuously adapt, both to new, emerging demands from our customers and to changing market conditions.

“The most important thing we have learnt over the past 30 years is how to reinvent ourselves continuously.”

What is the best thing and the worst about working with your brother? 
The best thing is that there are always two perspectives on the same problem. And the worst thing? The arguments! It’s a good thing that they’re always over in five minutes!

What do you like best about your work?
We really enjoy the direct contact with our customers. We share not only our work with them, but also our dreams.

Is there anything you would have changed about Hermanos Meneghello over the last 30 years?
Thanks to our way of working, we’re well used to constant change, so it would be difficult for us to think of any aspect of the business that hasn’t changed, or rather evolved, since we started out over 30 years ago.


Juan CEO Hermanos Meneghello

Juan CEO Hermanos Meneghello


What is the most important thing about Hermanos Meneghello to your customers?
The personal service we offer, our reliability, and the wide range of products we supply.

Which of your products particularly stand out? Which are currently ‘trending’ in restaurants in the Pitiusa Islands? 
The simple fact is that we have so many products, with so many different uses, that it’s difficult to choose one in particular. We are convinced that the current trend with restaurants is to prioritise the quality of the raw ingredients, whether it’s for a pizza, for sushi or for a bullit de peix [Ibizan traditional fish stew].  That’s the basis of any good dish. 

“The current trend with restaurants is to prioritise the quality of the raw ingredients, whether it’s for a pizza, for sushi or for a bullit de peix [Ibizan traditional fish stew].

In the last few years, you’ve specialised in fish and seafood. What prompted that idea? How has it been received?
As Asian cuisine accounts for a high proportion of the goods we supply, we thought it would be a good idea to supplement our range with fresh fish. Gradually, we’ve continued to adapt what we offer, and we’ve expanded our catalogue of basic ingredients in response to the demand from our customers. This has brought us to a point where we now have a very extensive range of products, covering every possible requirement from our customers. As a result, Hermanos Meneghellos’ new fish and seafood division has slowly grown until it is now one of the most important aspects of our business. 

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