FOODIT 5Gama and JANBY. Technology at the service of haute cuisine

FOODIT 5Gama and JANBY. Technology at the service of haute cuisine

A few years ago we began hearing about ‘convenience food’, which sounded a bit strange. In short, it means a product that has undergone a cooking process, saving the end customer time, money and knowledge. Some asked whether this was pre-cooked food like frozen pizza or canned bean stew. Yes, but no. Convenience food is not limited to canning or freezing. In fact, nowadays processes and technology have evolved so much that there are companies that prepare products whose end result, once the food has been properly regenerated, is at least as good as many dishes at the best restaurants. 

This is the case of Foodit 5Gama, the Italian company present in Ibiza that sells products throughout Spain and whose range of both sweet dishes prepared in a totally artisan way by its pastry chefs, with a wide range of high quality pastries ready to be served on a plate, and savoury dishes is unbeatable. This is becoming an ideal solution for many businesses as the dishes, made from recipes by renowned chefs, are presented already portioned with their garnishes, sauces and all the ingredients ready to be properly regenerated.

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JANBY TRACK, the ideal supplement to convenience food

This is where JANBY comes into play. JANBY is a brand created by the prestigious industrial kitchen machinery manufacturer SAMMIC and is designed to digitalise the kitchen and standardise certain processes, thus reducing dependence on the human factor. 

JANBY Track consists of a number of machines connected to a tablet that acts as a brain and controls them, allowing certain culinary processes to be measured and repeated with absolute efficiency and standardising them; therefore, it is an ideal tool for businesses that have multiple points of sale and franchises where it is vitally important that the kitchens are exactly the same at all the restaurants.

JANBY TRACK is also ideal for regenerating convenience food, as well as for restaurants that want to standardise the preparation and regeneration processes of their own dishes since the system is developed to portion and vacuum cook the food, assign a QR code to it and then regenerate the food in the vacuum bag itself using the sous-vide system with the temperature and time perfectly controlled by the system; in addition to extending the life of the food, this also enables it to maintain all its organoleptic properties. The only work that this requires is to get the scanner to read the code of the portion that is going to be prepared. In short, JANBY is a complete digital revolution in the kitchen.


AGORÀ: The famous Ascolana olives reach Ibiza thanks to Foodit's convenience food range

Under the name of AGORÀ, Foodit sells in Spain the true taste of Italian tradition: the famous Olive all'Ascolana or Ascolana olives, a dish from the Italian recipe book whose name comes from the province of Ascoli Piceno. Ascolana olives are a delicacy consisting of a large olive with the stone removed and stuffed, then breaded and fried.


Nevertheless, not all olives are valid. The 'Ascolana Tenera del Piceno' (PDO) must be used; it is an olive variety that has been cultivated in the region for millennia and is of a similar size to the Spanish gordal olive.

AGORÀ is the name under which the Ciotti group prepares this ancestral dish, scrupulously respecting tradition and the original recipe, which consists of stuffing the olives with minced Marchigiana beef and local pork, adding a number of spices to the mixture, then dipping them in egg batter and Parmesan, and finally breading them with soft wheat flour, egg and breadcrumbs. All you need to do is fry them and enjoy one of Italy's most iconic dishes without leaving Ibiza.

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