Carnes Diego, the finest meat in Ibiza and Formentera

Carnes Diego, the finest meat in Ibiza and Formentera | FacefoodMag

Diego and Iván Chacón © ffmag

Top and bottom sirloin, mature or veal, Tomahawk, T-bone, rib eye, Porc Negré, Ibizan chicken, lamb from Castilla y León... If you like meat and are lucky enough to live in Ibiza or Formentera, make sure Diego is your supplier. 

Time has proved the company right for choosing to use the highest quality meat from the very beginning. So much so that they’ve just opened a branch in Formentera, and plan to do the same in Mallorca and Menorca at the end of the year. 

Carnes Diego selects the finest meat from a large number of slaughterhouses, importing it from mainland Spain and several other European countries. In fact, it’s not the origin that matters, it’s the quality.

Carnes Diego

Carnes Diego © ffmag

In terms of local produce, its star products include free-range corn-fed Ibizan chicken, and the famous Porc Negré Mallorqui, a wonderful pig breed native to Mallorca whose origins are lost in the mists of time that has a delicate, soft flavour produced by marbling. 


Freygaard beef: the best meat in the world

Diego is famous in Ibiza for the quality of its meat. One of its latest achievements has been to represent the Finnish Freygaard breed, which has won the prestigious World Steak Challenge on the last three occasions, selected from among two hundred entrecôtes that were submitted to the competition from around twenty countries.


Freygaard © JM Meet

Freygaard meat is tender with an intense flavour from marbling that is produced by letting the cows wander freely in the pasture. Production is limited because it is bred in small farms following traditional, pre-intensive methods. No hormones or anabolic steroids are used to stimulate growth in the animals and during the summer they graze freely in green Finnish pastures.


The best prepared products in the Pityusic Islands

Diego also produces a wide range of prepared products that are supplied to businesses across the island, or that individual customers can purchase at its sales points in Ibiza Town, Mercat Nou, central Fray Vicente Nicolás or its new San Carlos shop. 

Smoked Ibizan sobrasada made with porc negré, as tradition dictates, all kinds of gluten and artificial additive-free escalopes and over 35 different types of hamburger are just some of the delights you’ll find on display. Yes, you read that right – 35 types of hamburger! Including gourmet versions such as the Spanish veal skirt steak or mature cow top sirloin. Imagine trying a new one every day!

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