2019 Michelin Stars Spain and Portugal

2019 Michelin Guide Spain And Portugal

2019 Michelin Guide Spain And Portugal

(List of Michelin starred restaurants 2019 here)

Over the last nine years, Madrid, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Bilbao, Marbella, Santiago, Gerona and Tenerife have all had the honour of hosting the prestigious 2019 Michelin Guide Spain And Portugal gala. This year, for the first time in history, that gala was held in Lisbon, in recognition of the amazing gastronomic and tourist development Portugal has seen out in recent years.

The great culinary festival took place on November 21 at the Carlos Lopes pavilion, and was coordinated by two Michelin-starred chef, José Avillez. During the official presentation of the event at the Lisbon City Council, Avillez noted that “Lisbon has gained a huge dynamic to become a destination for gastronomic tourism”, and concluded: “After savouring our food and getting to know our people, visitors always want to come back.”

The welcome speech was given by the person in charge of the Michelin Guide in Portugal, Nuno Ferreira, who was followed by several Portuguese government representatives. The International Director of Michelin Guides, Gwendal Poullenec finalised the presentations before the awards ceremony, taking the floor to highlight—among other issues—the inclusion in the guide of young chefs, who according to him: “Bring creativity and innovation. We now have young courageous people running some of the best gastronomic establishments in the world”.

During the 2019 Michelin Guide gala, attendees tasted creations from the seven Michelin-starred restaurants in the Lisbon region: Belcanto, Fortaleza do Guincho, Alma, Eleven, Feitoria, Loco and Lab by Sergi Arola.

This year has been a tough one for judges. As occurs every year, the preparation of their reports has to be very precise: judges make an average of 120 reports for each restaurant using the Michelin guide as their manual and must anonymously visit those restaurants to taste their cuisine an average of 250 times a year. Each judge must rate the balance between quality and price, selection of raw ingredients, mastery of techniques, cooking points, creativity, room service and consistency of the dishes, among other aspects. A decision is made to award the prestigious Michelin star once the reports have been completed and compared.

José Avillez during the official presentation of the Michelin Guide 2019 event at the Lisbon City Council.

José Avillez © Michelin

Below we show you a complete full list of Michelin Starred Restaurants in Spain and Portugal for 2019 and, of course, we congratulate all the chefs and restaurants that have achieved the great distinction.


List of Michelin starred restaurants in Spain 2019

RestaurantPlaceAutonomous community.StarsNew Stars
AponienteEl Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)Andalusia3No
Dani GarcíaMarbella (Málaga)Andalusia3Yes
AbantalSevilla (Sevilla)Andalusia1No
AcánthumHuelva (Huelva)Andalusia1No
AlejandroRoquetas de Mar (Almería)Andalusia1No
AlevanteChiclana de la Frontera / Novo Sancti Petri (Cádiz)Andalusia1No
BardalRonda (Málaga)Andalusia1No
El LagoMarbella (Málaga)Andalusia1No
José Carlos GarcíaMálaga (Málaga)Andalusia1No
Kabuki RawCasares (Málaga)Andalusia1No
La CostaEl Ejido (Almería)Andalusia1No
LÚ Cocina y AlmaJerez de La Frontera (Cádiz)Andalusia1Yes
MessinaMarbella (Málaga)Andalusia1No
SkinaMarbella (Málaga)Andalusia1No
SolloFuengirola (Málaga)Andalusia1No
Hospedería El BatánTramacastilla (Teruel)Aragon1No
La PrensaZaragozaAragon1No
Lillas PastiaHuescaAragon1No
Casa MarcialArriondasAsturias2No
Casa GerardoPrendesAsturias1No
El Corral del IndianuArriondasAsturias1Yes
El RetiroLlanes / PancarAsturias1No
La SalgarGijónAsturias1No
Real BalnearioSalinasAsturias1No
ZarandaEs Capdellà (Mallorca)Balearic Islands2No
Adrián QuetglasPalma (Mallorca)Balearic Islands1No
El Restaurante Andreu GenestraCapdepera (Mallorca)Balearic Islands1No
Argos de PortPollença (Mallorca)Balearic Islands1No
Es FumPalmanova (Mallorca)Balearic Islands1No
Es Racó d'Es TeixDeià (Mallorca)Balearic Islands1No
JardínPort d'Alcudia (Mallorca)Balearic Islands1No
Marc FoshPalma (Mallorca)Balearic Islands1No
M.B.Tenerife / Guía de Isora (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)Canary Islands2No
Abama KabukiTenerife / Guía de Isora (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)Canary Islands1No
El Rincón de Juan CarlosTenerife / Los Gigantes (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)Canary Islands1No
KazanTenerife / Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)Canary Islands1No
NubTenerife / La Laguna (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)Canary Islands1No
AnnuaSan Vicente de la BarqueraCantabria2No
Cenador de AmósVillaverde de PontonesCantabria2No
La BicicletaHoznayoCantabria1No
El Nuevo MolinoPuente ArceCantabria1No
El SerbalSantanderCantabria1No
MaralbaAlmansa (Albacete)Castilla- La Mancha2No
El BohíoIllescas (Toledo)Castilla- La Mancha1No
El Carmen de MontesiónToledoCastilla- La Mancha1No
El DoncelSigüenza (Guadalajara)Castilla- La Mancha1No
El Molino de AlcunezaSigüenza / Alcuneza (Guadalajara)Castilla- La Mancha1Yes
TierraTorrico / Valdepalacios (Toledo)Castilla- La Mancha1No
TrivioCuencaCastilla- La Mancha1Yes
BaluarteSoria (Soria)Castilla and León1No
Cobo VintageBurgos (Burgos)Castilla and León1No
CocinandosLeón (León)Castilla and León1No
El ErmitañoBenavente (Zamora)Castilla and León1No
La BoticaMatapozuelos (Valladolid)Castilla and León1No
La LobitaNavaleno (Soria)Castilla and León1No
PabloLeónCastilla and León1Yes
Refectorio de SardónDuero (Valladolid)Castilla and León1No
TrigoValladolid (Valladolid)Castilla and León1No
Víctor GutiérrezSalamanca (Salamanca)Castilla and León1No
VillenaSegovia (Segovia)Castilla and León1No
El Celler de Can RocaGirona (Girona)Catalonia3No
MiramarLlançà (Girona)Catalonia3No
Les ColsOlot (Girona)Catalonia2No
Bo.TiCCorçà (Girona)Catalonia1No
Ca l'ArpaBanyoles (Girona)Catalonia1No
Ca l'Enric de La VallBianya (Girona)Catalonia1No
Can BoschCambrils (Tarragona)Catalonia1No
Can JubanyCalldetenes (Barcelona)Catalonia1No
CasamarLlafranc (Girona)Catalonia1No
Castell PeraladaPeralada (Girona)Catalonia1No
Cocina Hermanos TorresBarcelonaCatalonia2Yes
Dos PalillosBarcelonaCatalonia1No
Els BrancsRoses / Playa de Canyelles Petites (Girona)Catalonia1No
Els CasalsSagàs (Barcelona)Catalonia1No
Els TinarsLlagostera (Girona)Catalonia1No
EmporiumCastelló d'Empúries (Girona)Catalonia1No
Estany ClarCercs (Barcelona)Catalonia1No
FogonySort (Lleida)Catalonia1No
Hoja SantaBarcelonaCatalonia1No
Koy ShunkaBarcelonaCatalonia1No
L'Antic MolíUlldecona (Tarragona)Catalonia1No
L'Ó de Sant FruitósBages (Barcelona)Catalonia1No
La Barra de Carles AbellánBarcelonaCatalonia1Yes
La BoscanaBellvís (Lleida)Catalonia1No
La Cuina de Can SimonTossa de Mar (Girona)Catalonia1No
La Fonda XescGombrèn (Girona)Catalonia1No
Les MagnòliesArbúcies (Girona)Catalonia1No
Les MolesUlldecona (Tarragona)Catalonia1No
LluernaBarcelona / Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona)Catalonia1No
MalenaGimenells (Lleida)Catalonia1No
MassanaGirona (Girona)Catalonia1No
Rincón de DiegoCambrils (Tarragona)Catalonia1No
SalaOlost (Barcelona)Catalonia1No
TerraS'Agaro (Girona)Catalonia1Yes
TresmacarronsEl Masnou (Barcelona)Catalonia1No
Via VenetoBarcelonaCatalonia1No
Villa RetiroXerta (Tarragona)Catalonia1No
A Tafona de SantiagoCompostela (A Coruña)Galicia1Yes
Árbore da VeiraA CoruñaGalicia1No
As Garzas de MalpicaBergantiños / Barizo (A Coruña)Galicia1No
Casa MarceloSantiago de Compostela (A Coruña)Galicia1No
Culler de PauO Grove / Reboredo (Pontevedra)Galicia1No
Maruja LimónVigo (Pontevedra)Galicia1No
Pepe Vieira Camiño da SerpeRaxo (Pontevedra)Galicia1No
Retiro da CostiñaSanta Comba (A Coruña)Galicia1No
SollaPontevedra /San Salvador de Poio (Pontevedra)Galicia1No
Yayo DaportaCambados (Pontevedra)Galicia1No
El Club AllardMadridMadrid1No
Ramón Freixa MadridMadridMadrid2No
La Terraza del CasinoMadridMadrid2No
Clos MadridMadridMadrid1Yes
Corral de la Morería GastronómicoMadridMadrid1No
El InvernaderoMadridMadrid1Yes
Kabuki WellingtonMadridMadrid1No
La Candela RestòMadridMadrid1No
La TasqueríaMadridMadrid1Yes
Montia de San LorenzoEl EscorialMadrid1No
Punto MXMadridMadrid1No
El Palmar Cabaña BuenavistaMurciaMurcia2No
El Molino de UrdánizUrdaitzNavarra2Yes
AkelarreDonostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)Basque Country3No
ArzakDonostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)Basque Country3No
AzurmendiLarrabetzu (Bizkaia)Basque Country3No
Martín BerasateguiLasarte-Oria (Gipuzkoa)Basque Country3No
MugaritzErrenteria (Gipuzkoa)Basque Country2No
AlamedaHondarribia (Gipuzkoa)Basque Country1No
AmeliaDonostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)Basque Country1No
Andra MariGaldakao (Bizkaia)Basque Country1No
BoroaAmorebieta-Etxano / Boroa (Bizkaia)Basque Country1No
ElkanoGetaria (Gipuzkoa)Basque Country1No
eMe Be GarroteDonostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)Basque Country1Yes
Eneko BilbaoBilbao (Bizkaia)Basque Country1No
EnekoLarrabetzu (Bizkaia)Basque Country1No
Etxanobe AtelierBilbao (Bizkaia)Basque Country1Yes
EtxebarriAxpe (Bizkaia)Basque Country1No
KokotxaDonostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)Basque Country1No
Marqués de RiscalElciego (Álava)Basque Country1No
MinaBilbao (Bizkaia)Basque Country1No
Mirador de UlíaDonostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)Basque Country1No
NeruaBilbao (Bizkaia)Basque Country1No
ZarateBilbao (Bizkaia)Basque Country1No
ZortzikoBilbao (Bizkaia)Basque Country1No
ZuberoaOiartzun (Gipuzkoa)Basque Country1No
El PortalEzcarayLa Rioja2No
IkaroLogroñoLa Rioja1Si
Kiro SushiLogroñoLa Rioja1No
Venta Moncalvillo de DarocaRiojaLa Rioja1No
Quique DacostaDénia (Alicante)Valencia3No
L'EscaletaCocentaina (Alicante)Valencia2No
BonAmbXàbia (Alicante)Valencia2No
Ricard CamarenaValènciaValencia2Yes
Audrey's by Rafa SolerCalp (Alicante)Valencia1No
BeatCalp (Alicante)Valencia1Yes
Cal ParadísVall d'Alba (Castellón)Valencia1No
Casa ManoloDaimús (Valencia)Valencia1No
Casa PepaOndara (Alicante)Valencia1No
El PobletValènciaValencia1No
El RodatXàbia (Alicante)Valencia1No
El XatoLa Nucía (Alicante)Valencia1Yes
La FincaElx (Alicante)Valencia1No
OrobiancoCalp (Alicante)Valencia1Yes
Raúl ResinoBenicarló (Castellón)Valencia1No
SentsOntinyent (Valencia)Valencia1No

List of Michelin starred restaurants in Portugal 2019

RestaurantPlaceDistrictStarsNew Stars
A cozinhaGuimarãesBraga1Yes
G PousadaBragançaBragança1Yes
The YeatmanVila Nova de GaiaPorto2No
Il Gallo d'Oro, Funchal (Madeira) 2 estrellasFunchalFunchal2No
Ocean, Porches, 2 estrellasPorchesFaro2No
Vila Joya, Albufeira, 2 estrellasAlbufeiraFaro2No
Belcanto, Lisboa, 2 estrellasLisboaLisbon2No
Antiqvvm, Porto, 1 estrellaPortoPorto1No
Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, Leça de Palmeira, 1 estrellaLeça de PalmeiraPorto1No
Lab by Sergi Arola, Sintra, 1 estrellaSintraLisbon1No
L'And Vineyards, Montemor-o-Novo, 1 estrellaMontemor-o-NovoÉvora1No
Loco, Lisboa, 1 estrellaLisboaLisbon1No
William, Funchal, 1 estrellaFunchalFunchal1No
São Gabriel, Almancil, 1 estrellaAlmancilFaro1No
Henrique Leis, Vale Formoso (Almancil), 1 estrellaVale Formoso (Almancil)Faro1No
Bon Bon, Carvoeiro, 1 estrellaCarvoeiroFaro1No
Willie’s, Vilamoura (Quarteira), 1 estrellaVilamoura (Quarteira)Faro1No
Largo do Paço, Amarante, 1 estrellaAmarantePorto1No
Pedro Lemos, Foz do Douro (Porto), 1 estrellaFoz do DouroPorto1No
Fortaleza do Guincho, Praia do Guincho (Cascais), 1 estrellaPraia do Guincho (Cascais)Lisbon1No
Eleven, Lisboa, 1 estrellaLisboaLisbon1No
Feitoria, Lisboa, 1 estrellaLisboaLisbon1No
Gusto, Almancil de Faro, 1 estrella AlmancilFaro1No
Vista Restaurante, Faro, 1 estrellaFaroFaro1No