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Zwiesel Glas and Schmidt-Stosberg, making a Difference for Those Who Care

Zwiesel Glas and Schmidt-Stosberg, making a Difference for Those Who Care

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For over 150 years, Zwiesel Glas has stood for passion and uncompromising quality in glass. At its main headquarters in Zwiesel, Germany, and at the glass factory in Hungary, around 700 employees produce crystal glasses with an unmistakable sound. Elegant and exceptional glasses from Zwiesel Kristallglas AG have been cherished around the world since 1872 - by renowned chefs, decision makers at top hotels and restaurants, as well as by retailers and consumers. The German company opened its first factory in 1872, in Zwiesel, Bavaria, a land with centuries of tradition in the production of glass and crystals. Founded by Anton Müller, Zwiesel KristallGlas is one of the market leaders and one of the world's largest experts in the production of wine glasses.

The company's unique products, its exceptional design and its strength in the International Market have been reinforced by the numerous and prestigious awards won in difficult years such as 2019 and 2020.

Artisanal glass factory. Zwiesel Glas

In 2023, Zwiesel Glas once again received the German Brand Award for excellent brand management and, on this basis, continues to drive the implementation of its dual-brand strategy as well as the consumer and premium brands business in addition to expansion of the professional segment.

This evolution of the brand took place in 2021 and it underwent a rebranding that gave rise to the currently communicated brand, Zwiesel Glas, more aimed at a Premium segment while maintaining the well-known brand Schott Zwiesel. The supply grew and the professional market was able to maintain the boxes of 6 units to which they were already accustomed, with new boxes appearing, with more appealing layouts and suitable for Private Consumers with 2 and 4 units.

In 2023, the glass manufacturer was named “Global Market Leader Champion” in the “Crystal Glass for Luxury Hotels and Restaurants” segment for the sixth consecutive time. This title brings a great responsibility. Zwiesel Glas continuously checks the origin and quality of its raw materials and focuses on resource-saving production processes. The production of Tritan® glass allows for shiny, long-lasting products – thus ensuring particularly high sustainability.

Artisanal manufacture of glass glasses. Zwiesel Glas

To equip the tables of this world in the future not only with perfect glasses, but also with matching cutlery and porcelain, Zwiesel Glas joined forces with Fortessa in October 2022. The common goal: to become the "global market leader for the table setting.” The group achieved a turnover of more than 200 million euros with more than 900 employees.

Represented in Portugal, by Schmidt-Stosberg Lda, this company, belonging to the Grupo Stosberg, which had its beginning in Portugal with the representation of the Schott Group has represented this reference brand in the production of glasses since 1972, exclusively. This partnership, consolidated in almost half a century of sharing experiences, has resulted in several innovation and development projects, including the “Siza Vieira” glasses and the “DOURO” decanter, exclusive designs from Portugal created in collaboration with Architect Álvaro Siza. Present throughout the country, Schmidt monitors all of the brand's customers from North to South of the country, not forgetting the islands of Madeira and the Azores Archipelago.

Handmade crystal glasses. Zwiesel Glas

The Grupo Stosberg is made up of the companies Alugue Aqui (specializing in logistical support for the organization of events, offering countless solutions for crockery, crystal, cutlery and various furniture, in high-end lines and highly prestigious brands), Viriathus Drinks (importer for the national market for distilled products and mixers, carefully selected and of high quality) and VedeVolta (aims to provide high quality reusable plastic products that really help to reduce disposable plastic waste such as reusable cups for events for example) has in its first company, Schmidt, a company that always seeks to boost the synergies intrinsic to this ownership, promoting the promotion of the Zwiesel Glas brand among the Group's customers. Restaurants, bars, hotels, caterers, wine stores, in all these places you can find glasses from the Zwiesel Glas brand.

In addition to Schott Zwiesel, Schmidt-Stosberg also represents other renowned international brands, suppliers of high quality products in the Hospitality, Catering, Retail, Laboratory and Industry segments.

Schmidt-Stosberg Lda
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