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Pestana Palace Lisboa and Pestana Cidadela Cascais

Pestana Palace Lisboa and Pestana Cidadela Cascais

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The Pestana brand has achieved great success with both national and international awards. The quality of the service that guests receive and the professionalism of its teams is plain to see at both Pestana Palace Lisboa and Pestana Cidadela Cascais. An industry leader in Portugal with an established presence in global markets, its devotion to Portuguese gastronomy is a key part of its success.


Pestana Palace Lisboa

The emblematic Pestana Palace Lisboa is housed in a majestic nineteenth-century palace that once belonged to the Marquis of Valle Flor. Surrounded by breathtaking gardens classified as National Heritage, the hotel complex’s palatial atmosphere exudes luxury and exclusivity. Its rooms and suites are frequented by major international stars and celebrities on their visits to Lisbon, such as the one and only Madonna, who stayed at the spectacular hotel for six months while waiting for the work on her new house in the Portuguese capital to be completed.

Located in the former ballrooms of Valle-Flôr Palace is the restaurant of the same name. Featuring classic regency-style decoration and furniture, in keeping with the period and its surroundings, its dining room drips with elegance and exclusivity, making it one of the city’s most unique spots.

Piano Bar Pestana Palace, Lisbon

Piano bar © Pestana

Headed by chef Pedro Marques, the kitchen of Valle-Flôr pays homage to traditional Portuguese cuisine with a special emphasis on local produce as well as excellent Atlantic fish, the country’s unbeatable meat and magnificent seasonal vegetable produce. Although the food on offer is mainly Portuguese, it also serves foreign fair such as traditional Japanese plates and Sunday brunches featuring exotic appetisers and dishes.

In addition to the main dining room, the restaurant has beautiful private rooms offering personalised service. Particularly noteworthy is the private room housed in what was once the Marquis’ study and the one situated in the former palace kitchen, which have retained their large marble tables and were Madonna’s preferred place to eat all her meals during her stay at Pestana Palace Lisboa.


Pestana Cidadela Cascais

Taberna da Praça at Pestana Cidadela Cascais offers a unique experience that captivates guests as soon as they set eyes on the majestic hotel complex. Housed in an ancient fort-citadel built between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, it boasts arrow-shaped fortified bastions which are characteristic of defensive military constructions from the Middle Ages.

The historic citadel houses various structures once occupied by the military, which was responsible for defending the coastline. Maintaining the utmost respect for its original layout, the hotel group Pestana rebuilt and refurbished the site as a hotel, allowing guests to enjoy the unique experience of staying in a genuine fort.

Taberna da Praça. Pestana Cidadela, Cascais

Taberna da Praça © Pestana

In terms of food, the jewel in the hotel’s crown is Taberna da Praça. Run by chef Manuel Alexandre, the restaurant boasts a menu celebrating the richness of traditional Portuguese cooking. From the popular patanisca to eggs with asparagus and the famous bacalhau à bras and potato skins, the food on offer is a voyage through the authentic flavours of Portugal. According to the chef, the idea was "to provide enjoyment for diners while introducing them to Portugal and its history by means of gastronomy".

Taberna da Praça doesn’t only stand out for its delicious culinary options, but also for its warm and inviting rooms, each decorated with a unique theme. The welcoming atmosphere and excellent selection of local, seasonal produce have made the restaurant popular among visitors as well as locals. A perfect spot to enjoy an informal meal, some pleasant conversation and a general good time while savouring the best of Portuguese gastronomy.

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