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Inga Martin. New horizons for Go A Lisboa

Inga Martin. New horizons for Go A Lisboa

Inga Martin © ffmag

At the end of 2023, Lisbon’s vibrant food scene bid a temporary farewell to one of its culinary gems: Go A Lisboa. This charming rooftop restaurant, which has been a foodie sanctuary for locals and visitors alike, closed its doors on 31 December due to urban developments. But it’s not a permanent goodbye – instead, it marks the transition towards a new chapter that promises exciting new emotions and fresh flavours.


Inga Martin: fusion cooking in her blood

Visionary chef Inga Martin is the heart and soul of Go A Lisboa. Born in the Algarve, she trained at the Lisbon School of Hospitality and has made her mark on the food scene as both a talented chef and also a prominent figure in a sector where, at present, female icons are thin on the ground. Her approach to cooking draws on influences from both her mother and father’s sides to the family. She fuses her maternal grandmother's skill at preparing meat with her paternal grandmother’s roots; she came from Guinea-Bissau and had ancestors from Cape Verde and Lebanon.

Inga Martin began cooking at a very young age and was taught by her grandmother and mother. She recalls that she was already helping in the kitchen when she was just four years old. However, it wasn’t until she’d turned 27 that she decided to make her connection to cooking official through more structured training. Since then, she’s added something of her rich heritage to every dish she’s created.

Fresh tuna, mango and coconut, sweet potato. Go A Lisboa restaurant

Fresh tuna © Go A Lisboa

Under Martin’s culinary management, Go A Lisboa wasn’t just a restaurant; it was “a home far from home, a place where flavours tell stories” and each dish has the distinctive seal of her love of cooking. The menu was a pure fusion of Portuguese and modern international flavours. It quickly won the hearts of diners, becoming a unique gourmet experience on Lisbon’s largest roof terrace.

Although Go A Lisboa has closed its doors at its current location, Martin’s story is far from over. The chef and her team are ready for a fresh start at a new location, so, rather than being an ending, the restaurant’s closure is actually the start of a new chapter in Martin’s exceptional culinary career.

Inga Martin’s legacy is a celebration of diversity, creativity and a passion for cooking

Her legacy goes beyond the four walls of the restaurant: it’s a celebration of diversity, creativity and a passion for cooking. We can’t wait to follow Martin’s career as she takes her skill in the kitchen to new avenues and excitedly await the next stage of Go A Lisboa. Martin’s cooking will continue to be an inspirational force on Lisbon’s food scene, keeping the flame of innovation and gourmet delights alive. We’ll soon be able to enjoy her unique flavours at a new location and will be more than ready to set off on another exciting culinary journey with Inga Martin at the helm.

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