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Bougain Restaurant & Garden Bar. A return to the classics

Bougain Restaurant & Garden Bar. A return to the classics

Miguel and Diana © ffmag

The picturesque fishing village of Cascais is the setting for a gastronomic gem that blends classic and contemporary cuisine. Bougain Restaurant & Garden Bar This charming establishment (housed within the Casa da Pérgola boutique hotel) represents not only a culinary destination in its own right, but also a journey through the history of a centuries-old house that has evolved without losing its distinctive character.


A journey back in time through gastronomy

Bougain Restaurant & Garden Bar is set in a family home that has witnessed the march of generations and transformations since 1925. Marcelino Nunes Correia, art lover and visionary, acquired two modest houses in Cascais for his daughters. This place, now known as A Casa da Pérgola, has succeeded in keeping its essence alive by preserving its refined aesthetic style and the memories of a family who left an indelible mark on its history.

The return to the classics takes on a unique guise at Bougain. This restaurant and garden bar invites its customers to immerse themselves in the rich history of A Casa da Pérgola while they enjoy the timeless creations of Portuguese, French and Italian cuisine. The culinary experience at Bougain is defined by careful attention to detail and the selection of ingredients of the highest quality.

Beef Wellington. Bougain Restaurant & Garden Bar, Lisbon

Beef Wellington © Bougain


The team: the key to Bougain’s success

Behind the renovation of the house and the creation of the Bougain Restaurant & Garden Bar is a gastronomic entrepreneur with an impressive track record: Miguel García. With over two decades of experience in restaurants and hotels, García has forged his career working with iconic brands such as Four Seasons, Belmond, Relais & Chateaux, and Leading Hotels of the World.

In 2022, Miguel decided to pursue his dream of owning and managing his own restaurant, and so he acquired Café de São Bento and and he created Bougain Restaurant & Garden Bar, with an expansion plan for the coming years. Under his leadership, the Café de São Bento Group maintains the highest standards of service and quality. This change of direction (from senior, high-calibre manager with a prestigious hotel chain to restaurant entrepreneur) demonstrates Miguel’s passion for gastronomy and his drive to create exceptional culinary experiences.

The talented chef, Diana Roque, heads up the kitchen at Bougain Restaurant & Garden Bar, and has created a whole series of dishes designed to showcase the richness of Portuguese cuisine, combined with the finest flavours of the Italian and French gastronomical traditions. With an extensive background ranging from Portugal, Spain, the United States to the United Kingdom, and experience in some of the world's most celebrated restaurants, Diana offers a fresh and creative approach to culinary tradition.

Garden. Bougain Restaurant & Garden Bar

Garden © Bougain

Since graduating from the Escola de Hotelaria do Fundão in 2003, Diana has perfected her technical expertise in celebrated establishments including the Sheraton, Oitavos, Belcanto, and Feitoria. Her constant quest for new challenges has taken her to work in Michelin-starred restaurants in both New York and Barcelona. Now, this chef has returned to Portugal to take on a new challenge - heading up the kitchen at the Bougain Restaurant & Garden Bar.

The restaurant manager is Carlos Eduardo Silva, with over 20 years’ experience in the restaurant sector. Known to all as Cadú, Carlos Eduardo joins the Bougain Restaurant & Garden Bar team as Food & Beverage Director. Cadú has already left his mark on highly regarded establishments in Brazil and South America, from Fasano to Copacabana Palace. His return to Portugal, with his vast experience and passion for exceptional service, makes him a valuable asset for Bougain.

Blessed with the leadership of Miguel García, the management experience of Cadú and the enormous creative talent of Diana Roque, Bougain Restaurant & Garden Bar is rapidly establishing itself as a place where tradition meets innovation. Every dish, every last corner of this centuries-old house, tells a story steeped in the finest, timeless flavours of European gastronomy. The fact is that this restaurant is far more than a not-to-be-missed gastronomic destination in Portugal; it is a another chapter in the history of a house that has withstood the passage of time, and which continues to delight its guests with a unique experience every time they visit. Bougain, where a return to the classics marks the start of a new and exciting culinary journey.

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