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Barquero. Discovering haute cuisine in cod

Barquero. Discovering haute cuisine in cod

Barquero © ffmag

More than just a product — a whole gastronomic experience

The term “haute cuisine in cod” is not just a label — it is the culmination of a unique culinary process that completely redefines the gastronomic experience. From the meticulous hook-and-line fishing method (where the cod are caught one by one) to the final packing in a sealed environment, each step in the production of this cod is a culinary work of art.

Cod loins, Barquero. Portugal

Cod loins © Barquero

What makes this cod truly special is the fishing method. While many producers opt for traditional “drag” methods, Barquero prefers to catch the cod individually with hook and line in a limited area between Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. This practice guarantees that the fish is undamaged, as it is immediately released into special pools onboard the fishing vessel, thus avoiding the stress caused by nets. This attention to the welfare of the fish not only preserves the texture of the flesh (keeping it firm, white and free of traces of blood), it also marks the first step in a unique culinary journey.

Barquero prefers to catch the cod one by one with hook and line

Deep-freezing the fish on board, soon after it has been caught, is another distinctive feature of this process. Unlike the process adopted by other producers who store the fish in ice for days, this technique not only maintains freshness but also eliminates the risk of anisakis, so the fish can even be eaten raw.

Salt plays a crucial role in the next step. Once the fish arrives at the processing plant, the salting process begins. The initial, two-day brining process is followed by a controlled period of dry salting in a salt specially developed by Barquero, which imparts unique mineral properties. This absolute control over the curing process, without depending on external processors, eliminates any variation in quality, and guarantees the characteristic flavour, texture and structure of the final product.

Cod cheeks

Cod cheeks © Barquero


¿Why doesn’t Barquero cod taste chewy?

The answer lies in the precision curing process, where the salt does not overwhelm the product, but preserves its mineral content. After the curing stage, the desalting process begins, using water at a carefully controlled temperature and a precise pH level. Barquero’s advanced technology guarantees the homogeneity of the salt throughout the entire fish.

This traditional, Asturian, family company takes great pride in its commitment to excellence. This “signature” cod is the result of years of continuous research and development, and is a tribute to the time invested in perfecting every stage of the process.

Moreover, Barquero’s differentiating principles extend beyond the preparation process. From the economic point of view, each piece of cod loin equates to one portion, thus simplifying cost control and eliminating any inconsistency in profit margins. In addition, the product’s organoleptic stability ensures that it always tastes the same, a crucial factor in retaining customer loyalty.

Time optimisation also plays a vital role. As it is ready to cook and serve within 30 days, Barquero cod reduces losses due to product deterioration, thereby offering flexibility and convenience in the kitchen. Packing the cod in a sealed environment ensures that not only does it keep better, but also maintains its attractive appearance and texture without the need for chemical additives.

Cod loins. Barquero.

Cod loins © Barquero

From a nutritional point of view, the cod is not only low in fat, it is also rich in Omega 3, proteins of high biological value, vitamins and essential minerals. But its true magic shines through when you taste it - its smooth, creamy texture, and its delicate, sophisticated flavour combine to produce a sensory experience that demonstrates Barquero’s dedication to a precise curing process.

Thus, Barquero cod is not just a product: it is a personal experience that delights the senses and celebrates excellence in every mouthful. 
It invites you to discover not only the unique flavour of the cod, but also the history and dedication behind each portion, making every meal an enriching and memorable culinary experience.

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