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Vino&Co, deliveries to the doorstep of your villa

Vino&Co, deliveries to the doorstep of your villa

Vino&Co © ffmag

Vino&Co, since ten years a concept on the island, and run by father and daughter, is a must go for the winelover. 
Here the focus lies on smaller wineries, often artisanal, that produce high quality wines. 
These wines are often sold directly from the winery to a distributor, who sells them on straight away to the trendy restaurants in the capitals of Europe and beyond, where they spice up the wine menu and add a bit of excitement and adventure to the standard classics and big brands.

In a restaurant, if you don’t dare to pick one of these out by yourself, you can of course always rely upon the sommelier for a suggestion. 

This is where we at Vino&Co pride ourselves in, to be your sommelier for drinking at home.You will not find any well known or commercial houses at our shop. 

We are at your disposal with a wealth of knowledge; whether you’re having a BBQ with friends and family, preparing a fancy dinner with fish or veggies, need a great pairing to your cheese platter, are having a pool party with friends or just want to enjoy a great bottle of wine; Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, Rosé, White and Red wine, Sake and artisanal beers, we have it all. From conventional to organic, biodynamic and natural wines. 
Our whole selection has been handpicked by us and are of exceptional quality, but are still affordable; these winemakers do not have huge castles and chateau’s to maintain or have to earn back a huge marketing budget. Often they’re just simple farmers with a passion for what they do. 

This summer we are launching our new website with online shop, as we can not have a branch in every village on the island and more and more people would like to enjoy our selection of wines. 
Together with our designer we have renovated the shopping experience and are fast becoming a real wine platform, where you can find a lot of information, articles and tips. 
Of course shopping physically at our shop is much more of an experience, as we can guide you first hand through our selection and let you taste a few of our newest additions at our tasting station. Unfortunately tasting still isn’t possible digitally. 
But when there is no time to pass by, or you’d simply already know what you’d like, do go through our webshop. Of course we can always assist you by email and over the phone or on social media too. 

Vino&Co prides itself in having the biggest sake selection on the island, importing straight from Japan. Sake gains popularity every year in the Western world and is a surprisingly fantastic match with Mediterranean flavours. Think sardines, jamón, fish and shellfish or cheese. Rosa, our sake sommelier, is more than happy to assist you with finding the right one for you. 
Do not forget to check the spirit section either! Here you will find a selection of artisanal beers, various types of Mezcal, Tequila, Vodka and Gin. Most also organic! 

So, if you’re not in the neighbourhood or just fancy getting your wines delivered to your doorstep:
go to www.vinoyco.com and experience Vino&Co from the comfort of your home.

Sake section. Vino&Co

Sake section © Vino&Co


Online orders: www.vinoyco.com
Shop: 971 305 324 
Whatsapp orders: 633 669 888

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