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Vino & Co. Small wineries, big wines

Vino & Co. Small wineries, big wines

Bette and Rosa © ffmag

12 years after Jeroen Hamersma unintentionally began his business adventure, Vino & Co continues to revolutionise the wine sector in Ibiza. The established team of Jeroen and Rosa (father and daughter) is now joined by Bette (the middle sister), contributing her extensive experience in the wine sector to offer outstanding advice to all their clients.

The Vino & Co project was born out of the Hamersma family’s passion for wine and has evolved until today when the company has its own online store. It was launched thanks to Jeroen Hamersma’s fondness for good wine – it all began in 2009 when he started importing bottles for his personal consumption. Without even realising it, his hobby became a business that is now a way of life. He decided to open a different kind of wine retailer in Ibiza, a place that paid tribute to the most unique wines; exceptionally high-quality artisan wines from small wineries.

Rosa, Jeroen y Betta. Vino & Co Ibiza

Rosa, Jeroen and Bette © ffmag


Excellent service from professional sommeliers

Thanks to sisters Rosa and Bette, Vino & Co has created a kind of “club” for lovers of good wine in Ibiza where clients are given specialised advice by expert sommeliers.  Jeroen, Rosa and Bette make the perfect team: Jeroen is a consummate specialist in the wine world, Rosa is the same in the sake universe while Bette focuses on the specific field of biodynamic and minimum intervention wines. Bette also has extensive professional experience as a sommelier in Amsterdam’s restaurants where she created wine lists and paired wine and food. For the Hamersma family “wine is like fashion: a universe influenced by countless trends that constantly evolve and change, with a focus on classic, modern, ecological and natural wines.” Rosa explains that this “is what makes this job a constant adventure to find new producers, flavours and stories.” Every item at Vino & Co has been carefully sourced to create a diverse catalogue where you can discover unique wines, with an emphasis on the quality of each product and reasonable prices.

wine selection. Vino & Co Ibiza

Selection of wine © ffmag


Far more than wines

As well as selling products, during the winter Vino & Co also has its own wine bar where it runs tastings and pairings that attract wine fans from across the island. And if that weren’t enough, Vino & Co has the widest selection of sake in Ibiza, imported directly from small wineries in Japan. With advice from Rosa (sake sommelier), clients can discover some of the world’s most unusual sakes and the flavours that pair best with them. The list is rounded off with a selection of craft beers and spirits of every kind – many are ecologically produced.

Selection of sake. Vino & Co. Ibiza

Selection of sake © ffmag

To ensure it’s available to all, Vino & Co also has its own online store where you can access its wide range of products and find useful information about the wines and spirits on offer. If you don’t live close to Vino & Co’s physical store (located on Carretera Ibiza – San José), don’t hesitate to visit www.vinoyco.com to place your order and receive it wherever you choose at your convenience.

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