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Maymanta, a tribute to Omar Malpartida’s signature dishes

Maymanta, a tribute to Omar Malpartida’s signature dishes

Omar Malpartida © ffmag

It seems like only yesterday that Omar Malpartida landed at the rooftop of Hotel Aguas in Ibiza, bringing a slice of his native Peru to the island in the shape of restaurant Maymanta. That was five years ago now. During this time, Malpartida has consolidated a food concept that showcases the finest flavours of Peruvian cuisine, created by fusing zero mile produce from both Peru and Ibiza. And to celebrate its fifth anniversary, the restaurant is launching a new space: Maymanta Lounge.

In its fifth season, Maymanta, which has been awarded a Repsol sun and become the flagship for Peruvian food in Ibiza, is introducing two tasting menus: an 8-course and a 12-course menu. In both options, Omar Malpartida takes diners on a journey through their senses, using produce from Peru’s mountains, coast and jungle.

You’ll experience everything from the authentic, delicate flavours of the Andes to the succulent sea air of Europe. Food at Maymanta recreates the most traditional dishes of Peru: cuisine from the sea and mountains with a subtle, modern twist and a fusion of flavours that will spark diners’ memories and remind them of certain tastes of Ibiza. Everything is cooked with a clearly defined philosophy that elevates produce to its highest form, the most recognisable characteristic of Malpartida’s culinary discourse.

Oyster, tuber, caviar. Maymanta Restaurant

Oyster, tuber, caviar © Maymanta

This season, visitors to Maymanta should look out for the oyster served with oca (a tuber from the Andes), beluga caviar and beetroot; the barbecued fish, like the two-kilo grouper cooked three ways in tribute to chifa, nikkei and criolla cooking; the cured tuna ‘ham’ marinated with ponzu sauce and Ibizan herbs and cut at the table; and the tiger’s milk made with blackened barbecued chillis, coral, Ibizan peppers and Peruvian rocoto pepper.

And to pair the perfect drink with these delicious bites, Maymanta serves diners from a mobile bar that moves around the restaurant. The drinks menu features six refreshing house cocktails made with tropical fruits plus Peruvian spirits such as Amazonian gin, whisky and potato vodka. Remarkable creations from a ‘liquid kitchen’ that can also be enjoyed at Maymanta Roof Top Bar.


Casual tapas with all the flavour of Peru

Maymanta Lounge rounds off Omar Malpartida’s Peruvian/Ibizan experience in Ibiza: this third space now joins the main restaurant and Roof Top Bar. At Maymanta Lounge, diners can choose from a smaller, more informal menu that is divided into the three regions of Peru: mountains, coast and jungle.

The menu includes several of Maymanta’s most iconic dishes, such as Piuran ceviche and barbecued ceviche, made with lime and bitter orange juice, yellow chilli pepper, chicha de jora and coriander. This wonderful spot is perfect for enjoying light bites and sharing, and the menu also features some of Malpartida’s star tapas dishes, including the poularde and yellow chilli croquettes, the seafood and coconut patacones, and other ancestral recipes from Peru with gentle hints of Ibiza, such as the sautéed pork loin and chaufa. And there’s no doubt about it... All these tempting dishes taste even better set to a backdrop of spectacular views of Santa Eulalia Bay and music beats by resident DJs.

Restaurante Maymanta

Roof top © Maymanta

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