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La Gaia, or how to keep on shining in the culinary universe

La Gaia, or how to keep on shining in the culinary universe

Óscar Molina and Jonathan Yelamos © La Gaia

La Gaia at prestigious Ibiza Gran Hotel is in the heart of Ibiza Town’s ‘golden mile’ and is a culinary gem that shines with two Repsol suns and a Michelin star. Run by chef Oscar Molina and his loyal second-in-command Jonathan Yelamos, this sought-after restaurant has earned a leading place for itself on the Spanish food scene. Its success story has been achieved through work, continuous innovation and investment, and an unwavering passion for haute cuisine.


The ‘perfect team’ at La Gaia

The keys to success at La Gaia are hard work, constancy and, above all, the synergy between Óscar Molina and Jonathan Yelamos. Friendship asides, they share a mutual understanding that goes beyond the limits of professional life. They don’t just cook together, they have the same passion for food, the engine that drives their lives. And this powerful connection can be seen in each dish that leaves the kitchen and is evident to anyone who is lucky enough to dine at La Gaia.

And if winning a Michelin star is an enormous achievement for a restaurant, keeping it year after year is an even greater challenge. Molina, with his long career in the kitchen, isn’t fazed by the responsibility. He and has team have forged a solid, structured work system, a map that guides their daily routine with the main aim of giving diners an exceptional culinary experience. But it’s not just about staying at cruising speed: La Gaia wants to achieve excellence in every step it takes by constantly evolving its cooking.

Team La Gaia restaurant, Ibiza


The importance of the team

In the world of haute cuisine, it’s essential to keep the peace and maintain a good work atmosphere for the whole team. And that’s where Jonathan Yelamos, head chef at La Gaia, plays a key role. His remarkable skill at uniting the team and keeping them focused on the same objective is invaluable. Jonathan is also a genius at bringing Molina’s creative ideas to life, turning each dish he touches into a culinary masterpiece.


A constantly evolving menu

Menus at La Gaia are constantly changing and are the greatest testimony to the restaurant’s evolution. Each season, Molina and his team reexamine the menu to include the finest local produce from Ibiza. The “Tanit” tasting menu is the ultimate expression of this search for excellence, and it sees local flavours fused together in iconic creations that challenge the senses. In turn, the “Posidonia” menu consists of nine dishes that bring together haute cuisine and creative expression: a true culinary journey that adapts to the seasonal nature of local produce, where sustainability and creativity are combined.

Leche de cabram pistacho y miel. Restaurante La Gaia Ibiza

Goat milk, pistachio and honey © La Gaia


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