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Team The Beach at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza © ffmag

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is situated on Playa d´en Bossa halfway between Ibiza Town and the airport. The beautiful strip of sand, where the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean lap at its shores, is lined with beach clubs, boutiques, hotels and restaurants, making it one of the busiest and most popular beaches in Ibiza among visitors eager to enjoy themselves.

The hotel from the world-renowned chain is situated right on the beachfront and, among its many draws, boasts a spectacular infinity pool that seems as if it were an extension of the sea itself and three swim-up pools (long, river-like pools), a spa, incredible rooms and suites and an impressive programme of music events, which are the chain’s hallmark for which it is known all over the world.

However, if there is one thing that makes Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza stand out, it is, without a doubt, its exceptional and varied range of dining options offered at the different bars and restaurants housed in the hotel complex itself.

The Beach at Hard Rock Hotel

The Beach at Hard Rock Hotel is one of the finest beach clubs in Ibiza. Its tables, right on the sand, are the perfect place to enjoy a well-designed and eclectic menu featuring a little bit of everything and everywhere thanks to its emphasis on fusion food.

Seafood paella and beef tenderloin at The Beach at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

The Beach at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Dishes include salads, pasta, fish and meat with a special focus on Mediterranean flavours and aromas, sautéed according to surprising, bold recipes with an East Asian feel, such as the crispy chicken bibimbap with fried rice or the caramelised salmon with teriyaki sauce and stir-fried vegetables. A special mention goes to their excellent rice dishes, which are perfect for a day out on the beach.

What’s more, The Beach at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is everything that you could imagine Ibiza to be, just like we’ve all seen in various films and series. More than just a beach bar, it is an authentic beach club, with its huge white Bali beds, excellent music playing in the background, and an endless array of stellar cocktails prepared at the bar while the sun slowly sets, lulled by the rhythmic murmur of the waves breaking against the shore.



TATEL Ibiza is one of the most impressive restaurants on the whole island. With locations in Madrid and soon Beverly Hills, the restaurant’s spectacular design, based on American music clubs from the Roaring Twenties, will leave you breathless. The carefully-selected musical performances that accompany the dinner service are in themselves enough reason to book a table at this iconic restaurant that will delight even the most hard-to-please music fans.

Team Tatel en Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Team Tatel © ffmag

In terms of food, TATEL Ibiza offers a menu that puts an exquisite, modern, international spin on traditional Spanish dishes. You can try anything from a classic TATEL calamari sandwich to croquettes made from a creamy béchamel sauce, grilled octopus with Canary-Islands-style wrinkled potatoes and green mojo sauce, Basque-style hake in garlic sauce or arroz a banda with shrimps, a classic from the Valencia region.

And we can safely say that there’s no better way to finish things off than with one of the magnificent cocktails from TATEL’s extensive drinks list served just the way you like it while listening captivated to the sounds floating out from the stage immersed in a dreamlike ambience.

Tatel restaurante en Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Tatel © Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

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