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The gourmet universe of Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

The gourmet universe of Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

José Manuel Herraiz © ffmag

After working at some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, in destinations such as Monaco, Dubai, London and Egypt, among others, Madrid-born Manuel Herraiz came to Ibiza four years ago to manage the food and beverage department at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay. This Talamanca hotel is home to several remarkable restaurants, including Nobu Restaurant, the beach bar Chambao By the Beach and an exciting new opening this year: Gusto, an intriguing concept with the involvement of renowned chef Nieves Barragán.

Visiting any of the restaurants in the Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay group should be an essential pilgrimage for anyone who considers themselves a fan of Japanese-Peruvian food. And one is inside Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay itself. Nobu Restaurant has a casual yet exciting and spontaneous vibe, perfectly capturing the lifestyle of Talamanca Bay, and features classic Nobu dishes combined with local ingredients to create new and even better flavours.

“Nobu is our Japanese-Peruvian concept, which is also influenced by produce. It’s a real gourmet experience,” explains Manuel Herraiz. Diners will discover sophisticated food that is the brainchild of world-famous chef Nobu Matsuhisha, with emblematic dishes such as the tiradito, greater amberjack sashimi with jalapeño peppers and the authentic black cod with miso, plus other flavours inspired by the island and made with local ingredients. Food can be paired with a wide selection of wine, home brewed sake, and cocktails prepared by the restaurant’s mixologists. Food at Nobu Restaurant is perfect for enjoying during the day and night because, as well as the classic restaurant menu, the Nobu by the beach concept is also available by the pools: a lighter, more relaxed selection of dishes that are “ideal for any time of day,” reveals Herraiz.

Nigiris. Restaurant Nobu

Nigiri © Nobu

What’s more, once seated at Nobu Restaurant, diners can choose between excellent à la carte dishes in pure Nobu style or experience a six-course tasting menu: Omakase. The tasting menu lets diners put themselves in the chef’s hands and enjoy a truly unique, personalised gourmet experience (with optional wine pairing).


All set for a visit by Nobu Matsuhisa

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay's seventh season is going to be marked by something exceptional: a visit by the great master Nobu Matsuhisa. And to honour their founder, the Nobu team is preparing a series of special events, as their food and drink manager explains: “Over three days we want to make the most of his stay with a dinner, dedicated books, an outstanding omakase, an exclusive party on the Rooftop, a cooking class and special moments... We even want to take him fishing and go hiking in the most unspoilt and enchanting parts of Ibiza, because he loves doing that and is also a great fisherman.”


Menus in pairs

“Nobu is committed to the diversity of its chefs. We started doing paired collaborations two years ago. We have almost forty restaurants around the world and like to bring over chefs from other Nobus to create special menus in pairs,” explains Herraiz. This year, the chefs invited to cook alongside Enrico Maimonte (executive chef at Nobu), Michael Embueno for sushi and the dining room team comprised of Paula Perez and Carola Lara will come from Dubai, Paris, Athens, and Milan.


Chambao By the Beach: the luxury of dining with your toes in the sand

Chambao By the Beach is the Mediterranean beach bar at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay. “Here we serve lots of classic rice dishes and market-bought fish that comes from the island, whenever possible,” continues Herraiz. “Chambao has a casual, fun menu, like at any other beach bar, there’s no fixed meals times, no dress code, everyone can come as they like, you can have fun with the kids in the pool and use the kids club that’s open to customers.” Special mention should be made of a new development at the bar this season: grilled meat and fish by chef Maurizio di Munno, which will be served every weekend and “will change depending on the fish market and the meat that’s available from different parts of Europe at the time.” This luxury beach bar also welcomes people who aren’t staying at the hotel for breakfast and meals, including the kids club.

Chambao By the Beach has a casual, fun menu


Gusto: the new gourmet restaurant from chef Nieves Barragán

A magnificent ode to Spanish tapas culture. Gusto is the innovative gourmet concept that’s opening at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay in its seventh season. The restaurant will enjoy guest participation by Michelin-starred Basque chef Nieves Barragán (Sabor restaurant, London) and take diners on a food tour across Spain, with dishes and tapas designed for light bites and sharing.  Highlights include the brothy rice, juicy tortilla with artichokes and special fish of the day. Dishes can be paired with Spanish themed cocktails: souped up sangrías, Spanish-style mojitos... All with the magical Nobu Hotel touch and right on the beach front with unbeatable views of Talamanca Bay. 

Chef Nieves Barragán. Restaurant Gusto

Chef Nieves Barragán © Nobu


Rooftop: let’s get this party started!

Finally, another new and unmissable development for Nobu Hotel Ibiza’s seventh season: wonderful evening sessions on the rooftop, an experience that will be available from Thursday to Sunday from 7 pm until midnight. Long drinks, cocktails, snacks, music by great DJs and the best backdrop for watching the sunset over Talamanca Bay. An unbeatable location with sea views: the perfect spot to bid the sun farewell and kick off the fun and mystery of Ibiza’s nights.

Are you looking to experience something different? If your answer is a big yes, then the team at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay are your new best friends. Because here “it’s not just about breakfast, lunch and dinner,” says Herraiz. “You tell us what you want, and we’ll make it as special as possible. We’re experts at creating gourmet experiences.”

Lobster rice. Restaurant Gusto

Lobster rice © Nobu

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