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Dani García launches BIBO Ibiza

Dani García launches BIBO Ibiza

Dani García © ffmag

November 2019 saw an announcement that the world of gastronomy had been turned on its head: Dani García was giving his final dinner at his three-Michelin-starred restaurant in Marbella. What seemed at the time to be a moment of madness, or at least eccentricity, on the part of Dani García (giving up the stars he had only been awarded one year earlier at his Marbella restaurant, and which many chefs would kill for), has turned out to be quite a turning point for this brilliant Malaga-born chef.

So preoccupied has the Dani García group been with the international expansion of its business (it has just opened a restaurant in Doha, Qatar, and will shortly open another in London), that it seems to have scarcely been affected by the pandemic. Just a year and a half after closing the Marbella restaurant, and in spite of the disastrous collateral damage caused by the pandemic, the group now has a presence in Madrid, Seville, Málaga and Tarifa. Now it has landed in Ibiza with its BIBO brand. And not just anywhere on Ibiza, but in one of the island’s finest hotels, the NOBU IBIZA, in Talamanca.


What awaits us at BIBO IBIZA?

BIBO is the brand into which Dani García has poured all his wealth of experience: his knowledge of other cuisines of the world which he has been hoarding away like a gastronomic travel guide, and which he blends expertly, as only a native of Andalusia could do, using Andalusian cooking as the foundation, and adding a fresh, modern, cheeky and fun touch. BIBO is colour; it’s flavour; it’s fusion.

Croquettes of baby squid BIBO Ibiza Bay by Dani García

Croquettes of baby squid © BIBO

BIBO Ibiza’s menu has room for a tuna tartare, a ceviche, a traditional Andalusian fried fish dish, a Russian salad, a chop burger, roast duck magret, sole meunière, and peppered steak. But this list barely scratches the surface. Especially if we take into account that, under the heading “BIBA MEXICO”, a section devoted exclusively to Mexico and its cuisine has been added to the BIBO Ibiza menu.

This section, designed specifically for the HOTEL NOBU IBIZA, is equally as irreverent and naughty as the rest of the menu. It contains the Dani García team’s take on traditional Mexican dishes - which have not escaped being thoroughly reworked and adapted to local Ibiza ingredients. Among the most striking dishes are sea bass tacos, red prawn and croaker aguachile, vegetable ceviche, Formentera lobster cooked over a wood-fire, or chicken roasted Pibil-style with pickled onions, refried beans and chargrilled avocados. To sum up: BIBO Ibiza represents a fresh, innovative offering, which is contemporary, varied, but above all accessible to the general public who will, we are sure, be favourably impressed.

Mexican dishes - which have not escaped being thoroughly reworked and adapted to local Ibiza ingredients.

Guacamole. BIBO Ibiza

Guacamole © BIBO

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