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Carlos Herrero - Pacha Group. Let’s get this party started

Carlos Herrero - Pacha Group. Let’s get this party started

Carlos Herrero © ffmag

From dawn until late at night, you’ll find a space open in the Pacha universe that has been designed to offer fun with every mouthful. “Our aim is for the customer to have a great time,” explains Carlos Herrero, Director of Food at the group. Start the day with a delicious breakfast at Destino Pacha Ibiza; enjoy a chilled lunch with your toes in the sand at Casa Pacha Formentera, have fun with a delicious Japo-Mediterranean dinner at El Restaurante Pacha, or pair haute cuisine with the island’s most surprising show at Lío Ibiza. Food at Pacha is an endless party with the perfect blend of flavour and fun.

Carlos Herrero is the new executive chef at Pacha Group and is responsible for conducting a prestigious culinary symphony played by masters of elite cooking: “I work with a team of stars. All the head chefs in the group are people who work really well in a team, they always want to help and make suggestions, leaving their egos at the door. Because it’s time to lose those big egos that you used to get in the kitchen,” explains Herrero. From Formentera, where he works on site as chef at Casa Pacha, to London, Mallorca or Marbella, Herrero is the person responsible for shaping each of the food concepts that Pacha opens around the world, as well as establishing and coordinating the teams at each restaurant.

It’s time to lose those big egos that you used to get in the kitchen


The smartest night at Lío Ibiza

Lío Ibiza, the most famous cabaret in the Mediterranean, offers a truly unbeatable show and is also increasingly determined to take its food to unprecedented heights. Under the management of talented chef Adrián Marín, food at Lío stands out for the exceptional quality of every single dish. Fish, meat, rice, pasta, grilled food, raw dishes, tempura... “At Lío we want to use the highest quality produce and plate up dishes in a way that’s far closer to fine dining; it’s Pacha’s most glamorous experience and Adrián is highly focused on offering this high level of quality at extremely large volumes,” continues Herrero.

Vistas desde Lio Ibiza


Destino Pacha Ibiza: a culinary paradise

Destino Pacha Ibiza is a foodie sanctuary for people who really know how to enjoy the magic of Ibiza. It has everything from its famous buffet-style breakfast to a delicious lunchtime menu with healthy, light options served by the pool, and the culinary delights available in the evening in the D-Lounge restaurant, where you can enjoy an unforgettable evening under the stars, right by the sea with views of Ibiza Old Town. All the menus at Destino Ibiza have been meticulously designed by chef Daniel Barrabés using the best produce from the island and Mediterranean Sea. “Daniel has been at Destino for years, he knows the company extremely well, we really trust him, and he gives us great peace of mind. He knows just what the customer wants, he understands his team and he’s very proactive and friendly,” continues Herrero.


Hotel Pacha: food for the well-travelled

After it was totally refurbished, Hotel Pacha decided it was also time to completely reinvent its food. The hotel, set in the heart of the prestigious “golden mile” in Ibiza, now serves cosmopolitan food under the direction of chef Darío Zoldán, with dishes specifically designed to fit the lifestyle of its well-travelled guests. The menu features references to Asian and Italian cooking and, of course, a wide range of vegetarian options. “Food at Hotel Pacha is more focused on quick snacks and fitting in with the busy pace of life of guests at a city hotel,” says Herrero.

El Hotel Pacha


Pacha nightclub: eating is a party

At El Restaurante at Pacha nightclub, Daniel Solar is the chef in charge of fusing flavours from the East and West in a culinary concept created for sharing and having fun in great company. Sample delicious food, sip explosive cocktails and dance to the most exclusive pre-party beats in Ibiza: all under one roof. Combining Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, each dish at El Restaurante is carefully designed to delight diners with authentic flavours of the Mediterranean and Japan, while always remaining true to its own unique identity. Whether its tuna tartar, lobster tempura, fillet steak or a maki roll, El Restaurante uses the best of both culinary traditions to make its food a true celebration.


Casa Pacha: you’ll want to stop time

Casa Pacha is Herrero’s favourite child, and he doesn’t try to hide it. “It’s in the best spot on what I think is the best beach in Formentera,” he says with pride. Perhaps it’s because the kitchen of this lovely hotel on Platja de Migjorn has been run by Herrero since it opened in 2021. “After seven years in Ibiza I came to Formentera and here I’m living happily and running wild,” he explains. And just like at his other establishments, food plays a key role at Casa Pacha. Its beach bar is an idyllic spot by the Mediterranean, perfect for enjoying a relaxed meal with your feet almost buried in the sand.

It serves quality produce in recognisable dishes that are light and healthy. “At Casa Pacha we serve the type of food that is suited to summer eating on the beach. We want the highest quality produce and to cook the produce with quality too. The menu features traditional Spanish dishes with a special nod to food from the Balearic Islands. Langoustines, prawns, rice, pasta, lots of seafood... We try to give them our own twist, because chefs have that need to be creative, without forgetting that we have 400 covers a day in summer. It’s important to find that flexibility and balance,” says Herrero.


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