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Amante Ibiza, an Eden on the seashore

Amante Ibiza, an Eden on the seashore

Carlos and Jordi © ffmag

Following the coast, halfway between Ibiza Town and the beautiful village of Santa Eulària des Riu, lies Cala Sol d’en Serra, one of the hidden wonders of the ‘White Isle’. This little white sand beach is lapped by the clear, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and sheltered by mountains that seem to tumble into the sea. Here, on a small road that winds between hills and is surrounded by wild nature is where you’ll find Amante Ibiza, one of the island’s most impressive restaurants.

David Piccioni, a professional DJ and music producer, had “never dreamed of owning a restaurant.” However, thirteen years ago he took the spontaneous decision to open this small slice of heaven on earth, sharing his favourite spot on the island with the public. Today, Amante Ibiza has become an essential place to visit in Ibiza.


Mediterranean, cosmopolitan and sophisticated cooking

Inspired by the Mediterranean and with deep roots in Ibiza, food at Amante is as dazzling and ground-breaking as it is honest and unique. It’s sophisticated cooking with a contemporary twist based on creative dishes. Executive chef Carlos Fernández Valdés and head chef Jordi Tomás are behind an attractive, modern menu that prioritises local produce and ecological ingredients. Fresh and healthy dishes such as seafood, rice, Josper-roasted meat and a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan options guarantee a gourmet experience that’s for bon vivants only. “Every year we focus more on using zero-mile produce,” explains chef Jordi Tomás, who adds that Amante “respects our Mediterranean roots and our produce,” also admitting that his cooking, like everything in life, is influenced by globalisation and has elements of foreign cuisines.

Hammocks zone. Amante Ibiza

Hammocks © Amante Ibiza

Unmissable dishes include the tuna tartar with osmotised watermelon (a visual trick that gives the watermelon the appearance and texture of tuna), monkfish gratin with rosemary-infused honey aioli, rotja (a much appreciated local fish) cannelloni in sea urchin sauce and lobster with rock lobster tartar.  There are plenty of rice dishes to choose between and the lobster rice is a house classic – but don’t miss the spectacular black rice with scallops and aioli 

Another best-seller is the Aquanaria seabass, and it comes as no surprise to learn that this is one of the most frequently ordered dishes. Aquanaria seabass is special because it’s Dicentrarcus labrax, the European seabass, a wild fish that has successfully been raised in captivity by feeding it in a similar way to how it would eat in the wild. This means it retains all the organoleptic properties of its white meat, giving it a spectacular flavour and texture while also ensuring the sustainability of a species that is in extreme danger due to overfishing. “It’s a fabulous product,” says Tomás with conviction, adding: “so much so that we barely touch it. It’s such a good product that we just put it in the oven for twenty-five minutes and then serve it at the table (where the waiter cleans and serves it) with some roasted wrinkled potatoes, mojo verde and chimichurri sauce.” 

Vegans will also find plenty to enjoy on the Amante Ibiza menu because the restaurant is firmly committed to a healthy lifestyle. Dishes such as beetroot petals stuffed with creme fraiche with Lebanese spices, and slow-cooked aubergine with wheat are enjoyed by diners of every type.

Sea views from Amante Ibiza

Views © Amante Ibiza


Committed to a healthy lifestyle and sustainable cooking

If there’s one thing that sets Amante Ibiza apart, it’s the fact that it serves determinedly healthy food and supports a healthy lifestyle. In fact, in addition to focusing on food that’s good for you, they also offer daily morning yoga classes (book in advance) followed by a sumptuous buffet-style breakfast of fruit, juice, yoghurt, cereals and fermented dishes.

Sustainable cooking is also a mantra at the restaurant and, for years, the menu at Amante has been based on seasonal, local produce that aims to reduce its carbon footprint. Or, in the case of Aquanaria seabass, contribute to the sustainability of the species.

Other activities that make Amante Ibiza truly special are its outdoor film screenings, sponsored by a famous brand of sparkling wine, where you can enjoy films selected by the management (usually classics and greats) in comfortable armchairs with cosy blankets in case of a cool night breeze and unlimited popcorn. You’ve never been to a cinema like it.

Tables in the shade at Amante Ibiza

Shade area © Amante Ibiza

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