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ChezzGerdi: gourmet hedonism in Formentera

ChezzGerdi: gourmet hedonism in Formentera

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A fabulous spot that has become, on its own merits, one of the island’s most iconic restaurants lies on the golden sands of Es Pujols Beach on the north coast of Formentera. ChezzGerdi opened in 2009 with the aim of becoming a beach club in the mode of neighbouring island Ibiza, but it didn’t take long to find its own style. Today, the retro Volkswagen T1 bus that welcomes customers at the restaurant’s entrance is a popular symbol of Formentera.

ChezzGerdi’s success is partly due to its general manager, Claudio Passiatore, who has been at the helm since the restaurant first opened fourteen years ago. Friendly and hugely energetic, Italian manager Passiatore was originally chosen to run the kitchen, but soon realised that his talent was better focused elsewhere. It was his idea to make the bus the restaurant’s symbol, to fill the menu with the finest possible delicacies and to invest in creating one of the most exclusive wine cellars in the whole Balearic Islands. And his plans worked because ChezzGerdi is much more than just a restaurant. It’s a celebration, it’s fine dining, bohemian luxury, music, cocktails on a golden sandy beach by crystal-clear waters, sunsets, dinner under a star-filled sky, hedonism... ChezzGerdi is the purest essence of Formentera.

Gastronomy ChezzGerdi restaurant. Formentera


Food for pleasure-seekers

It’s hard to put a label on the food at ChezzGerdi. While it’s clearly Mediterranean with strong Italian influences, you’d be very wrong to confuse ChezzGerdi with a simple trattoria or typical Italian restaurant. Passiatore, general manager at ChezzGerdi, has strong feelings about it: “We have first-class produce: the best fish for sushi, mojama, king crab, spectacular caviar, oysters, impressive rice dishes and one of the best wine cellars in the Balearic Islands.”

In fact, the menu at ChezzGerdi is as eclectic and diverse as its own clientèle and you can enjoy everything from the freshest local fish to spectacular rice dishes, a Wagyu fillet or 30-day dry aged steak. The restaurant also serves delicacies of the sea such as lobster tail, whole lobster, king crab, beluga caviar and ever-popular oysters.
These are highly skilled, impeccably presented dishes that show great respect for their premium produce and make this iconic restaurant in Formentera a true paradise for the most discerning gourmands.

ChezzGerdi winery, Formentera


One of the best wine cellars in the Pityusic Islands

The wine list at ChezzGerdi features hundreds of gems from wineries all around the world. You’ll discover the best French, Italian and Spanish labels, plus wines from the other side of the Atlantic. Sommelier Marco Assennato is a true wine lover and, in Passiatore’s words, “one of the best sommeliers and head waiters in the Balearics.”

“I studied at catering school and even back then I was the ‘wine guy,’ Assennato proudly explains, continuing: “I didn’t really like being in the kitchen with the smells, the dining room never stopped, and I discovered that the sommelier was the person who talked to the table and played a very important role. […] I’ve been fortunate to work in London, Miami... Everything I know is thanks to what I learned in London, where I did a sommelier course.”

There are over 140 labels on the list and even more in the “ChezzGerdi wine selection”: vintage wines from French and Italian châteaux, even 19th century wines, around 40 champagnes, and jewels such as a 1937 Giancomo Conterno de Barolo first wine of the harvest or a Domaine de La Romanée-Cont (one of the most expensive wines in the world that typically costs over €20,000). These are just some of the marvels found in the ChezzGerdi wine cellar which, thanks to Assennato’s great passion, continues to collect rare treasures.

Volkswagen T1. ChezzGerdi  Restaurant, Formentera

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