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Casa Pacha. The flavour of Formentera

Casa Pacha. The flavour of Formentera

Carlos Herrero © ffmag

Casa Pacha is set on idyllic Platja de Migjorn and has become the flagship for Mediterranean luxury on the island. An oasis that pays tribute to the origins of Pacha and its famous cherries, guests can enjoy both spectacular accommodation that makes you feel at home and also surprising culinary delights by chef Carlos Herrero, director of food at Pacha Group. 

Casa Pacha is Herrero’s favourite child, and he doesn’t even try to hide it. “The hotel is in the best spot on what I think is the best beach in Formentera,” he explains with pride. Perhaps it’s because the kitchen of this lovely hotel has been run by Herrero since it opened in 2021. “After seven years in Ibiza, I came to Formentera and here I’m living happily and running wild,” he adds. And just like at his other establishments, food plays a key role at Casa Pacha. Its charming beach bar is a blissful spot by the Mediterranean, perfect for enjoying a relaxed meal with your feet buried in the sand.

It serves quality produce in recognisable dishes that are light and healthy – and all in a remarkably beautiful setting. But we won’t lie: the food is the real attraction here and it’s all the work of Herrero and his team. “At Casa Pacha we serve the type of food that is suited to summer eating on the beach. We want the highest quality produce and to cook the produce with quality too. The menu features traditional Spanish dishes with a special nod to food from the Balearic Islands. Langoustines, prawns, lobster, rice, pasta...” Quality produce is definitely the star of the kitchen at Casa Pacha. And while the purity of each ingredient is respected in Herrero’s kitchen, he admits that he also tries to add his personal touch to each dish. “We try to give them our own twist, because chefs have that need to be creative, while also not forgetting that we have 400 covers a day in summer. It’s important to find that flexibility and balance,” says Herrero.

Eggs with caviar. Casa Pacha, Formentera


Ingredients made in Formentera

Food at Casa Pacha Formentera is based on the philosophy of treating local produce with the greatest respect and on the culinary tradition of the Mediterranean. Thanks to his extensive experience and creativity in the kitchen, Herrero has designed an exceptional menu that combines the most authentic flavours of the island in surprising ways. It’s a menu of dishes from the sea and mountains with subtle, classic touches that results in food with the flavour of home, reminiscent of the dishes your grandmother used to make.

Baked or grilled locally sourced fish, seafood in all its glory, Mediterranean meat, seasonal vegetables and sustainable ingredients. The menu at Casa Pacha Formentera is constantly updated to reflect the season and the freshest local produce available at each time of year. Herrero and his team work closely with local farmers and fishermen to obtain the highest quality ingredients. “We use local suppliers and also have our own kitchen garden where we plant vegetables for the restaurant. We try to work with produce from here as much as we can,” insists Herrero. “Because some products have to be local, like lobster, for example. We only sell lobster from Formentera.”
Your experience at the table starts with a wide range of starters that includes fresh seafood, seasonal salads and treasures of the sea such as the famous langoustines or red prawns from Formentera. The freshness and quality of the ingredients stands out in each dish, alongside simple combinations of flavours that enhance the main ingredient – without overpowering it – to diners’ delight.

Bluefin tartare. Casa Pacha, Formentera

The Formentera farmhouse salad, Andalusian-style squid and rock mussels with sobrasada are just some of the delicious dishes that have already become Casa Pacha classics. Choosing a star dish from among such a tempting selection is too difficult a task but it’s virtually impossible not to fall for the charms of the local lobster, the brothy lobster rice, the royal cucumber in garlic with artichoke and egg or the beef fillet. And to finish? The desserts are equally mouth-watering. Don’t leave without trying the cheesecake, the house speciality. And, naturally, the hotel’s wine cellar has a wide range of carefully selected wines to pair with every bite.

The restaurant at Casa Pacha Formentera is a simple, elegant and sophisticated space designed to offer diners an unforgettable gourmet experience. The relaxed atmosphere and thoughtful decoration create the perfect backdrop to a meal with sea views that will be hard to forget. Bearing all this in mind, it comes as no surprise to learn that finding a free table is a challenge in high season. “The restaurant is enjoying great success,” explains Herrero, who reveals that they have an increasing number of bookings that are made now for the following year. “The restaurant was almost fully booked for August by the middle of winter. That makes us really proud and inspires us to keep on working the way we are.”

Sharing. Enjoying. Wanting time to stop still. Tasting the true essence of the island in every bite, as if you were travelling back in time. Carlos Herrero and his team have created a gourmet experience for people who genuinely want to discover the real character of the island. Whether you’re staying at the hotel or simply after an unforgettable culinary experience, give in to the pleasures of fine dining in the magical setting of Casa Pacha Formentera.

Casa Pacha terrace, Formentera

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