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Ca Na Joana. The home of good taste

Ca Na Joana.  The home of good taste

Ca Na Joana © ffmag

One of the most beautiful restaurants in the Pityusic Islands is found in a traditional 17th century mansion. Live piano music, meticulous decoration and perfect lighting make it one of the most delightful and romantic places on the island, where you can enjoy any of the Mediterranean-inspired dishes on its new menu or a wonderful signature cocktail and nikkei-influenced cuisine at the EspaiCru bar, the new development for this season.

The moment you enter Ca Na Joana restaurant you feel as though time moves at a different, slower pace than usual, as if you were cosseted by its atmosphere and transported to a land where rushing and worrying are but distant memories. A place where you feel cosy and at ease, surrounded by objects from different places and eras that decorate the white walls of this 300-year-old Balearic mansion, creating a warm, intimate and welcoming atmosphere. The hours fly by as if they were minutes. Seated at a piano, the pianist, lightens the mood with classical music, flamenco and jazz.

George is the owner and the man behind this slice of heaven for the senses. Swiss but an adoptive son of Formentera, he discovered the island thanks to his parents who fell in love with it in the 1960s. Today, all his siblings also live in Formentera and his parents rest in peace on the island. Artist, son of artists. Painter. Creator. Tireless traveller. His love of art, antiquities and craftmanship led him to open this space and decorate it with objects of every kind: furniture, contraptions, bric-a-brac, works of art that he found on his travels and that also line the shelves of the shop next to the restaurant, Maison Décor Joana De Día. He describes himself as a “creator of spaces” who feels true love for objects with a history. To each his own, as the saying goes, which may well be true. One thing we know for sure is that both spaces have been designed with exquisitely good taste, demonstrating George’s savoir faire and intense artistic sensitivity, each space being a work of art in itself.

Seasoned raw oysters. Ca Na Joana, Ibiza

Seasoned raw oysters © Ca Na Joana


EspaiKru bar and cocktail-making from the City

Paolo Gallo Stampino, chef at Ca Na Joana, has created a seasonal menu with a heavy Mediterranean influence where the past and present meet with dishes typical to countries from this corner of the world. The restaurant’s culinary excellence is famous across the island, backed up by recommendations in the last three issues of the Michelin Guide. 

This year the food is expanding with dishes served at the bar in EspaiKru: in addition to its traditional cocktail bar, visitors will be delighted by the casual food on offer. This new space has the unmistakeable seal of Barcelona’s GrupIglesias and the stars of the menu are Galician seafood and fish dishes with hints of nikkei, a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. The barman, London-trained Italian Tizziano Tasso, has created a signature menu of drinks that perfectly match the dishes served at the EspaiKru bar.

The friendly staff, headed by Paola Vázquez, George’s right-hand for 15 years, and Giorgia, the outstanding sommelier and latest addition to the service team, add the final touch that ensures the foodie experience of visiting this unique spot in Formentera is complete.

Ca Na Joana. Ibiza

Ca Na Joana © Ca Na Joana

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