Interview with Pau Barba. Chef of Agroturismo Can Domo

Pau Barba, with two Repsol suns, is one of the best chef in Ibiza. His kitchen is in the Can Domo Agritourism, in a building of the s. XVII, surrounded by fields of olive trees.

True luxury for him is to enjoy the silence of Ibiza in August, and that is exactly what he has achieved, along with his wife Alexandra, at the Agroturismo Can Domo. He has spent five years in his kitchen working on a project for a restaurant that would revisit the flavours of yesteryear. A return to cooking over a low heat, to an unhurried life and quality ingredients. A return to “what his body was asking for”. For this chef, Can Domo has brought personal and professional fulfilment, and customers perceive it through the flavour of each and every one of the dishes on his menu.