Interview with Josetxo Arrieta and Jordi Grau. Lío, Club Restaurant Cabaret

Entertaiment arrives in the kitchen of Lío thanks to two great chefs; the guests can enjoy watching acrobats, dancers, singers…, while enjoying the pleasure of eating. An exciting and different menu has been put together, with seasonal products, combining signature and haute cuisine techniques with the most traditional flavours of the Mediterranean Sea.

Josetxo Arrieta (Head Chef) and Jordi Grau (Sous Chef), in this video, talk about the complexity of cooking for 500 guests every day, without menus, a la carte. With demanding diners when choosing their dishes and with high expectations.

They say that their kitchen is focused on the product, that their ingredients are a priority compared to everything else and that they must be, therefore, impeccable.

They tell us that the most important thing is that the chefs know what they have to do to make each dish credible.